A Perfectly Imperfect Round with Alexis Perry

She’s never played Fossil Trace before and is excited, but she made damn sure to scope out the place both online and in-person to hit a couple of buckets two days prior. She’s “never not prepared.”

Colorado Golf Association: A Glorious Past, Present and Future

The following appears in the June Gambling and Golf issue of Mile High Sports Magazine In 1948, the famed Saturday Evening Post attributed a famous...

Hoop Dreams: Demaryius and Julius Thomas go from hardwood hopefuls to NFL superstars

Editor’s Note: Following the day in which Broncos legendary receiver announced his retirement from the NFL, we wanted to repurpose a story that ran...



The Crown Jewel of Summer: It’s been 15 years since The International graced the...

The following appears in the June Gambling and Golf issue of Mile High Sports Magazine It’s been 15 years since The International graced the local...

Straight Shooter: Paige Spiranac is never afraid to say what’s on her mind

The following appears in the June Gambling and Golf issue of Mile High Sports Magazine Paige Spiranac, golf's queen of social media, is never afraid...

Stick It Up Your Stocking: A Denver sports fan’s 2020 holiday gift guide

Last year, I provided a fun and slightly off-the-wall holiday gift guide for the insane Denver sports fan in your life. And since none of us has anything better to do right now than sit around on our couch and stare at our phones - especially those of us with Comcast who can't see the Nuggets - I thought I'd bring back my shopping list with updates for 2020.
Joe Sakic

Simply Super: From the beginnings of Mile High Sports through today, Joe Sakic has...

Colorado Avalanche executive vice president and general manager Joe Sakic long has been one of the marquee name constants on the Colorado sports scene. For Mile High Sports Magazine’s 200th issue, we asked Denver journalist and author Terry Frei – another constant, who has covered the Avalanche off and on for the team’s 25-year stay in Denver – to chat with Sakic about his time in Colorado ... and, as it turned out, more.

Sports Betting 101 with Brad Evans

A true friend of the family, Brad was kind enough to break down betting in Colorado, something that will undoubtedly change sports around here forever.

Kareem Jackson opens up about racism and COVID-19

Kareem Jackson talks on racism, COVID-19 and if the NFL season will even happen on the latest edition of the Broncos Blitz podcast.

Betting and Waiting. Waiting and Betting

John Reidy is looking for a little action while America anxiously awaits the turn of sports.

Taming the Boys Club

When Jennifer Kupcho’s putt fell in the cup at the 18th green of Augusta National Golf Club, she let loose a subtle, but firm, fist pump. It’s a gesture that has become a common sight amongst golfers.

The Cover Story: Dan Hawkins, Gil Whiteley & Woody Paige and Ty Lawson

From putt-putt golf to a couple of Denver media legends, today's edition of "The Cover Story" is a fun one.

The Cover Story: Johnnie Reece, Kiki Vandeweghe, Chauncey Billups, the Broncos O-Line and Charlie...

We're herding cats and heading to science class in today's edition of "The Cover Story."

The Cover Story: Carmelo Anthony, The Sign and the Preps Mascots & Peyton Manning

Carmelo Anthony makes his fifth appearance, and Doug and the team are forced to gamble on the Broncos.

The Cover Story: Barrel Man, Brandon McManus and the Rodeo All-Stars

The Rodeo All-Stars, a Denver icon and a chance to really get to know Brandon McManus make up today's edition of "The Cover Story".

The Cover Story: Jake Plummer, Kyle Orton and The Preps issue

Two quarterbacks and a whole lot of Colorado's high schools in today's edition of "The Cover Story".

The Cover Story: Buddy’s Bunch, Jay Cutler and Kenneth Faried

Sometimes, when you can't get the cover photo you want you have to get creative. Today's story covers two of those occasions.

The Cover Story: Arnold Palmer, Carlos Gonzalez and Phillip Lindsay

Our Phillip Lindsay cover from last year has become an instant classic. But did you know it was actually our "Plan B."

Understanding Prop DD: Q&A with Stanton Dodge of Draft Kings

Mile High Sports goes one-on-one with Stanton Dodge of Draft Kings to discuss sports betting in Colorado.
Jessica Smith

Stop Striking Out and Start Hitting

When normal life returns, so will the love! Jessica Smith takes you on the perfect date night at Coors Field.

The Cover Story: Stephanie Smeltz, Willie B. and the trivia issue

From another Snow Angels issue to a Denver radio icon, today's edition of "The Cover Story" has it all.

The Cover Story: 2006 was a rough year

Doug Ottewill points out in today's edition of "The Cover Story" that several covers in 2006 were cursed in one way or another.

The Cover Story: Joe Sakic, Jeff Byers and Tim Howard

Today's edition of "The Cover Story" includes some creative photo editing for Super Joe.

Colorado’s finest remember the great Roy Halladay

Remembering Roy Halladay in the words of former coaches and more.

The Cover Story: Jack Elway, Troy Tulowitzki & Carlos Gonzalez and Ralphie & CAM

From the Preps to a pair of live mascots, today's edition of "The Cover Story" has it all.

The Cover Story: Justin Wilson, Shane O’Neill & Dillon Serna and Nathan MacKinnon

Today's edition of "The Cover Story" takes us to an issue that is heartbreaking to remember and to our most recent Sportsperson of the Year.

The Cover Story: A history of summer adventures

In today's installment of "The Cover Story" Doug hits the road for our classic "Summer Adventures" issues.

The Cover Story: Renee Herlocker, DeMarcus Ware and Nolan Arenado

A Snow Angel, a defensive champion and Nolan being Nolan are featured in today's edition of "The Cover Story" from Mile High Sports Magazine.