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Mile High Sports

General Information

Need to contact Mile High Sports? We’re easy to find.

Main Office
Mile High Sports
975 Lincoln Street, Suite 201
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 303.650.1795
Fax: 303.524.3410

Radio Studio
Mile High Sports Radio
975 Lincoln Street, Suite 201
Denver, CO 80203
Studio: 303.297.1510
Toll-Free Studio: 855.225.7186


Comments (5)

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    I have been watching TV and listening to the radio the last few days and I see a lot of talk about different fans of the Broncos and not one on my friend Miles Power. It does not surprise me much as he is very humble and does not flaunt the type of fan he is, but he is in my opinion the BIGGEST Broncos fan. Miles has not missed a single home or AWAY game in the last 10 years and is at 169 consecutive games attended as a fan. He was there at both Manning playoff losses, and the 4-12 season. Every game he encourages fans from away to come to Denver and be treated as family at their tailgate. I personally have met 50+ fans he has talked into coming to Denver to for games. He has encouraged two fans to make seasons with him and recently our friend Danny has made 36 straight games. His wife is very supportive and has made in that streak over 150 but as she said “having a baby stopped her streak”. He even started his own business after he was told by his job that he couldn’t have as many weekends off to continue his streak. I know he will be in NYC supporting the Broncos and if you have time he would be a great interview! His phone number is 269-903-1309 and email is power.m@usa.net. Maybe he can get some of the credit that he deserves.


  2. avatar
    Gary Beauchemin Jan. 20, 2014 at 8:46 am

    Hey There!

    I host “THE SPORTS CAVE” sports radio show on a local access radio station in Massachusetts. We broadcast live on Thursday Nights from 6-8pm. I’m looking to see if one of your football guys could join us on the air and discuss what the feeling in denver is following such a demanding win over the Patriots yesterday. Please contact me via email at gbeauchemin625@gmail.com

    Gary beauchemin

  3. avatar

    Trying to get ahold of Irv and Joe. I was their remote engineer while they were at KYBG in Thornton back in the early 90′s. Starting a non-profit for Veteran’s and part of our goal is establishing scholarships. I am also a graduate of UNC and want to discuss the process of starting a scholarship from UNC and also here at the University of Florida. I am currently a member of the Sons of the American Legion (my father served in Korea) and know that Joe served our country in Vietnam. Would love to discuss further with Irv and Joe, if you can pass along my contact information, it would be greatly appreciated.
    Brian Heller
    giives@hotmail.com (giives with two ii’s)

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    Coach Oliver "Denver South" Feb. 07, 2014 at 1:53 pm

    Listen to you everyday, however, not able to

    call. The Broncos had their chances twice and that is the end of it.

    They had a chance to win two Bowl, and would have had Fox not been the coach.

    He did not have his team ready to play Sunday. Had Carol been the coach in 2012 and this year, Denver would have had to “Super Bowl Wins.

    Under Fox the Broncos will not return.

    Just my opinion

    Coach Oliver
    Denver South

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