Sunday, August 20, 2017

How to Listen

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Monday – Friday*

12a-6a SB Nation
6a-7a The Morning Huddle with David Hurlbut
7a-9a Mornings at 5280′
9a-11a Ryan Edwards and Danny Williams
11a-12p Gil Whiteley
12p-2p The Big Show featuring Irv & Joe
2p-4p Walsh and McBride
4p-6p Afternoon Drive with Goodman and Shapiro
6p-8p (M-Th) The Final Verdict with Notaro and Jacobs
6p-8p (F) Race Central
8p-10p The Darren Copeland Experience
10p-12a (Tu-Th) Home Grown Sports
10p-12a (M,F) SB Nation


12a-8a SB Nation
8a-10a Argonaut Wine & Liquor’s Kiz and Klahr
10a-11a The Safe Bet with Marty Seldin
11a-12p Absolutely Sports
12p-1p American Craft Beer Radio
1p-2p SB Nation
2p-4p The Connor Cape Show
4p-5p SB Nation
5p-7p Enough Said
7p-12a SB Nation


12a-8a SB Nation
8a-10p The Morning Blitz
10a-12p The Final Word
12p-2p SB Nation
2p-4p The Connor Cape Show
4p-6p From the Pitch presented by Colorado Soccer Association
6p-8p SB Nation
8p-9p World Improv Network (WIN) Radio Show with Alex Harz
9p-12a SB Nation

*Schedules subject to change due to play-by-play broadcasts