Saturday, June 24, 2017


Dinosaur Divots: Fun with the fossils in the shadow of Lookout Mountain

Fifteen minutes from downtown Denver, Fossil Trace Golf Club feels like a different place in time and topography.
Peyton Manning won't be announcing

Second Season Success: Tracking Colorado’s playoff presence

Since the year 2000, Colorado’s top pro teams have made the playoffs an astounding 55 percent of the time.

The Big Catch: Martin Truex Jr. reels them in, on the track and off

Furniture Row Racing's Martin Truex Jr. enjoys a special relationship with the great outdoors (and one of his team's biggest sponsors).

Approach Shots: In football and golf, Mike MacIntyre chooses a thoughtful path

“If you invest in people, the wins will take care of themselves,” says the head coach behind the most dramatic turnaround in recent college football memory.

Has venerable vendor Bob the Beerman poured his last Coors at Coors?

Bob the Beerman, he of Vendor’s License No. 0001, was not at Coors Field on Opening Day, aka Beer Vendors’ Heaven.

Relevant Mr. Irrelevants: Colorado’s link to the last pick in the NFL Draft

The State of Colorado has more than a couple of ties to Mr. Irrelevant, including several with the hated Oakland Raiders.

NFL Draft 2017: Seeing 20/20 at pick No. 20

Nobody knows exactly what John Elway knows. And only John Elway could know for sure what the Broncos aim to do on the night of April 27.

Managing the Boys: Ex-Rockies skipper Walt Weiss embraces just being “Dad”

There he was in a middle booth. A guy who played shortstop in the major leagues for a quarter-century. Former Colorado Rockies manager, Walt Weiss.

Assembling the Pieces: Bud Black looks to exceed expectations in Colorado

New manager Bud Black isn't hiding from the sudden expectations put on the 2017 Colorado Rockies. In fact, he embraces them.

The Ace: Jon Gray leads a pitching staff that excites the Rockies faithful

Each month Mile High Sports sits down with an important figure in Colorado sports. For April, Doug Ottewill spoke with Rockies No.1 starter Jon Gray.