Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Golden Gashi: Colorado’s international star scores goals galore and more

A day in the life of Colorado Rapids forward Shkëlzen Gashi has all the workings of the latest James Bond film.

Two-School Race: Denver and Colorado set the standard on the slopes

When it comes to NCAA skiing, there’s CU, there’s DU… and there’s everybody else.

Great Wall of Sweden: Axel Sjöberg anchors the Rapids back line

With better techniques in navigating the long and punishing season of MLS, Axel Sjöberg displayed a meteoric rise in 2016.

Mad About March: Tourney trips are no guarantee in Colorado

Although we may not be going mad for any Colorado teams this March, things have been much worse in years past.

At Peace in Colorado: Tim Howard only looks forward

There is no question that Tim Howard’s competitive fire still burns white hot. With plenty of gas left in the tank, he still has something to prove.

Balling in Bowser: The Flagler Legion Tourney celebrates 65 years

Pencils Robinson takes a trip to Flagler, where their annual American Legion Basketball Tournament has been going strong for six and a half decades.

Coverboys: Austin Conway and De’Ron Davis have accomplished great things

Since appearing on the cover of MHSM, the Overland High School stars have gone on to success at the college ranks near and far.

Undefeated: Life lessons from a champion that never lost

Kyle Sand never lost a Colorado high school wrestling match, but he did have to learn how to get up off the mat - lessons he teaches to this day.

Game Faces: Colorado League – Interscholastic high school mountain bike racing

Mountain biking at the high school level in Colorado exists on a parallel but separate playing field from the state’s official governing body for prep sports.

The Chosen Ones: The football team that handed hope to its community

In 1999, the Columbine High School football team delivered triumph out of tragedy in the wake of the nation's worst school shooting in American history.