Eyes can lie, especially when putting a golf ball. This simple trick will eliminate the "parallax error" that causes so many missed putts.

Some picks were steals, others were head scratchers; John Elway’s report card looks like a seventh grade boy with a mean case of ADD.

As a state full of transplants, there are plenty of other franchises that have a local fan base that can grate on everyone’s nerves. It happens in every sport, for all sorts of teams.

They say a man's shoes tell you everything about him. That is certainly true for Denver Broncos kicker Brandon McManus .

As the communications director of USTA Colorado, Kurt Desautels “job” is tennis. But his mission has nothing to do with that.

A bevy of reasons caused The International, Colorado's only mainstay PGA event to leave town, not the least of which was a bizarre scoring system.

Before baseball was big at Mile High or Coors Field, it was played on Broadway - where this historical fiction story is set.

If kids aren’t playing a sport because a mom doesn’t want that kid to play a sport, it’s time to look at the sport, not the mom.

Danny and Cello are joined by Vanessa Hughes, who wrote many of our touching tributes to sports moms. And the guys were on hand for Irv Brown's retirement.

Thank Dad, sure. He’s a darn swell guy. But thank Mom double. After all, she’s your mom.