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Mile High Sports


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Comments (41)

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    Yeah i couldn’t get the station all day yesterday either…i’ve been digging around looking for anything about the station being cancelled or moved but i’m not finding anything…hoping it was just a glitch!

  2. avatar

    I just talked to Gil he said they are installing equipment for a stronger signal but ran into some technical issues he also said they will be moving a little on the dial both am and fm

  3. avatar

    So what’s the frequency Mhz going to be. Nothing mentioned on Friday, except lineups were changing… pretty lame

  4. avatar

    From ColoradoMedia.net: KCKK 1510 AM/93.7 FM was sold in December, so changes are coming… in fact, the closing of the sale hit the FCC database on Monday.

    The Mile High Sports format that was on KCKK 1510 AM/93.7 FM has moved to Lincoln Financial’s KQKS 107.5 FM HD-2 so that it can be on a new FM translator coming to 94.1 FM.

    Since it was sold, KCKK 1510 AM/93.7 FM will have a new format when back on the air.

  5. avatar

    Wow Gil did mention The 94.1 for fm and said am would be a little higher if I remember right.He did not mention the format change which I find sort of scary since that could mean anything dump sports now country music.Gil did say everything was cool hope that’s the case.I wonder though why no mention of whats going on at the website I mean if my radio station was going to be off the air for 48 hours I would let my listeners what was going on.

  6. avatar

    It could be that moving the Mile High Sports programming at the close of the sale of KCKK (Monday) was a big surprise to Mile High Sports management… maybe they thought the new owner would keep it or at least keep it longer… and/or the new FM translator involves a bunch of things that need to happen, so it could be a while if that plan hasn’t been around for long. And things could still not happen according to plan if contracts aren’t totally done. You just never know, so I’m sure they aren’t promoting any details until they know 100% what’s up. It’s too bad they didn’t seem to have time before they were taken off 1510 AM/93.7 FM to promote wherever their new home will be. But radio can be a very volatile business; especially in Denver being a sports station. I wish them luck! Rob ColoradoMedia.net

  7. avatar

    Here’s the Post article on what’s happening. Amazing that they gave no warning to listeners, obviously could have been handled better. Did the on-air talent know beforehand? Advertisers/sponsors?

    Mile High Sports Radio relocating to 94.1 FM on dial

    By Dusty Saunders
    Special to The Denver Post
    Posted: 03/04/2014 04:21:20 PM MST | Updated: about 2 hours ago

    Mile High Sports Radio is scheduled to return to the air Wednesday on 94.1 FM.

    Programming no longer will be aired on 93.7 FM and 1510 AM. Both were off air Monday and Tuesday while engineers made the FM signal switch.

    Some Mile High hosts streamed their programs on the Internet.

    Mile High president James Merilatt said his company had been leasing 93.7 FM and 1510 AM from 4-K’s Broadcasting in Colorado under a local marketing agreement.

    The 94.1 FM outlet also will be operated under a lease agreement with Cedar Cove Broadcasting in Loveland.

    Mile High also has made weekday daytime lineup changes.

    ” The Press Box” — a two-hour show with Peter Burns and Denver Post columnist Mark Kiszla — has moved from 7-9 a.m. to 9-11 a.m.

    Eric Goodman and Mike Pritchard are in the 7 a.m. time period, and Brandon Spano’s show will air 2-4 p.m.

  8. avatar

    94.1 comes in awful! No power! But, it’s better than nothing!
    It’s like the old days, when they were on klak, crappy signal, especially after dark!

  9. avatar

    I live in Englewood three of the four radios in the house will not pick-up your signal (I can only get it on my stereo system). I get in the car signal is okay not great.

  10. avatar

    I cannot pick up the signal in most of the Denver area south of I-70. Static and signal fade in and out. Mr. Millar o do hope you are trying to do something about it, because I’m going to stop listening and that would be a shame as I love the station.

  11. avatar

    Radio is so weird. On the air one day.. Off the next. Never a warning. What was that fox sports station that started playing Xmas music one day last July?? Weird…

  12. avatar

    No signal in Fort Collins, I hope they get this fixed soon so I can stop listening to The Fan.

  13. avatar

    Your signal is worsee, not better. Will the owners please do something about this before you lose all of your listeners. Not even on Tune in anymore. I love the station please u something about the signal.

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  15. avatar

    Who is the foul mouth idiot that is on the radio right now. What are his credentials, and who the heck is he?
    I will turn off this crap after Irv and Joe, enough of this p-brain, whoever he is? If he chooses to swear to make a point, he is not worth the air time. I can and have sworn like a sailor, but in proper times. Not on the radio, let alone the stupid comments he was making at the time.

    thank you

  16. avatar
    Colorado Sports Fan Mar. 12, 2014 at 8:36 pm

    No signal in Loveland. How can I survive without Ruth Rusie? Not to mention Tom and Cindy Thornton, who despite the local reference, actually hail from KC. Please note that in the northern area we have an extremely strong local station on 93.9 FM. We are not able to receive signals on either 93.7 or 94.1 due to adjacent channel interference.
    As a prior commenter noted, Mile High Sports also disappeared from the tunein app. I would frequently stream Irv and Joe on my iPad at home. After a bit of app store searching, I located the Mile High Sports app which still operates. But you will not find it as an iPad app, you must select iPhone.
    The bottom line is that Mile High Sports sprung these changes on their loyal listeners with absolutely no notice, leaving me with the impression that the new management must be extremely inconsiderate.

  17. avatar

    This is very typical in the radio business. I don’t know why they do it. Perhaps it is because they anticipate getting only crap from listeners well to the old format, which is probably true, but disrespectful and arrogant.

    Growing up in New York there was a great rock station out of New Jersey: WWDJ. It had absolutely no commercials, which should have done a warning sign for those of us who loved it. One evening get signed off the air (radio stations used to do this evening New York) with the DJ playing stairway to heaven 11 times in a row. The next morning there was nothing but dead air. That evening he changed to and all religious format. The only warning we ever received about the change was the clue that the last DJ left for us. My guess is that he wasn’t told until during this last shift. And so it goes.

  18. avatar

    I know somebody who thinks they know what’s going on thinks AM radio is dead, but it isn’t!!! The majority of people in this country grew up on AM and still listen to it. I being one. If you want your station to be a successful one, get back on AM where the majority of the populace can here you. No audience, no station!!! It’s simple guys. How long do you think your advertising will stay with you? I know radio is a tough business. Don’t make it harder on yourself. I listened everyday and still will on the computer, but you got problems there too! That should be an easy fix, so get it fixed quick. Your the only live sports show around town for most of the day. Please don’t lose it………Yours truly Randy, a big fan

  19. avatar
    Brian from Evans, Colo Mar. 14, 2014 at 9:00 am

    Is Mile High Sports Radio off-air? Reading through the comments, nobody is getting the signal on 94.1, from south of Denver north to Ft. Collins. Are these shows broadcasting to nobody? Or are they not broadcasting at all? (not that it matters, considering none of the above posted questions have been answered)

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  21. avatar

    This whole transition was like monkeys and a football if you get my drift.The process could not have been handled any worse.I too may become and ex listener if they don’t fix their crappy signal I live south east and can only get the internet stream which is a pain in ass.The volume on the live broadcast is very low but the ads are loud and clear and the delay is very long.Seems their attitude is folks in Boulder get us loud and clear the hell with the rest of you.

  22. avatar

    signal is horrendous….seems the advertisers would want the station to at least be heard…pitiful that Mile High thinks thru can stay on the air with a subpar signal…i have tried several times to go back and listen but it hasn’t gotten any better…”the fan” it is i guess

  23. avatar

    Was told today that in another 3 weeks or so the signal would be tweaked and amped up.Hope that’s the case but it doesn’t excuse the incompetent handling of the switch over and I have also been told BS stories in the past.whoever was in charge of this should have their ass canned.They are incompetent idiots.If I owned the station I would have fired their lame asses 2 weeks ago.Why no information was ever posted on the website is a mystery to me

  24. avatar

    We remember when you could get reception on AM & FM, We are Mile High Sports!

    I’m in the Boulder area and I assure you it isn’t coming in here either.

  25. avatar

    I would have to live in my car to get the new signal. The streaming from the station does not even work

  26. avatar

    So from what I know, they are completely off air for 2 days during transition to new signal. A new FM signal that is crappy with static making it rough to hear and that’s when it’s good. Other times it is complete static. And there is no AM signal for backup now. I am NOT listening now but not out of any spite but honestly because I simply can’t. I am unable to with the currently terrible signal. Why would sponsors continue to pay for advertising when LISTENERS CAN’T HEAR THE STATION?!!

  27. avatar

    This is either an inattentive or uncompetitive outfit…it’s surprising that these guys run a radio business with a weak signal, no podcasts, and no droid app. Has the feel of playing out the string. How can a radio operation be run so backward from a technological standpoint. The product/talent is being sabatoged by the technology side. I’m guessing some of the opinionated hosts including the president himself would tear something like this apart on the air or twitter if it was someone else’s mess.

  28. avatar

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