Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Casey Kreiter: From teacher to Denver Broncos long snapper

Casey Kreiter was a teacher just a year ago. Now he is snapping the ball for the Denver Broncos and is ready to make the most of this opportunity.

Why Denver wins and Cincinnati does not

The Denver Broncos and Cincinnati Bengals are two very good NFL teams. A look at why Denver has postseason success and Cincinnati does not.

Chris Harris: Being underdogs adds motivation for this scary defense

The 2-0 Broncos are 3.5-point underdogs going into Cincinnati, but that doesn't mean a thing to this Broncos team; it only adds motivation.

The Coors Light Mike Bobo Coach’s Show: Big test waiting in Minnesota

The Rams lost an overtime thriller in Fort Collins last year but face a much bigger task this year traveling to Minneapolis.

Will Parks: I’m learning from the best but still have a long way to...

Will Parks is moving along smoothly with his first season in the NFL thanks to leadership from veteran players like T.J. Ward.
T.J. Ward

T.J. Ward: If it’s a dogfight, it’s a dogfight; as long as we win

Broncos safety T.J. Ward speaks on the Broncos hard-fought win against the Indianapolis Colts, saying the defense is accustomed to winning tough.
Tim Connelly

Tim Connelly: It’s a make or miss league; I’m confident

Tim Connelly knows the Nuggets need to improve three-point shooting and rim presence if they hope to compete for the Northwest Division crown.
Bradley Roby

Bradley Roby on Andrew Luck: “He doesn’t look forward to playing us”

Last year, the Denver Broncos knocked Andrew Luck out for the season with an injury, and Bradley Roby expects that will be in the back of Luck's mind Sunday

Mike MacIntyre may still have an ace up his sleeve for Michigan

The Colorado Buffaloes may still have an ace up their sleeve according to Mat Smith. And it's not going to be a 70-plus yard Hail Mary pass.

Brian Camozzi is on top and ready to defend his welterweight belt

Brian Camozzi defeated Nick Barnes for the welterweight championship belt, accomplishing his greatest achievement yet in his young MMA career.