In the 30 days leading up to the start of Denver Broncos Training Camp 2016, we’re examining 30 big questions for the season. We’ll make a case for each answer; you’ll vote and tell Broncos Country what’s going to happen this year.

Kahlil Mack quickly transformed from just another Oakland Raiders pass rusher into the Denver Broncos’ worst nightmare over the course of one afternoon last season.

Mack made history in 2016, his second year in the National Football League, when he was the first-ever player to be named to two positions on the AP All-Pro team. His performance against the Broncos in their second meeting of the season surely helped him reach that milestone.

Mack totaled 15 sacks in 2015; one-third of those sacks came against the Broncos in their Week 13 matchup. Mack joined nine other players with five sacks in a game, and was the first to accomplish the feat since 2009.

The Broncos are unlucky enough to be trapped in the same division as Mack, but aside from the Week 13 disaster, they have done a good job containing him.

An injury-plagued offensive line was part of the reason the Broncos were victimized by Kahlil Mack, but that issue has since been addressed this offseason with the signings of former Kansas City Chiefs tackle Donald Stephenson and former Seattle Seahawks tackle Russell Okung.

So the question becomes, how many sacks will Khalil Mack have against Denver this year?

Scenario 1: More than six

Mack “only” had five sacks against the Broncos in their two meetings in 2015, but all of them came in the second half of one game, and four came against Broncos tackle Michael Schofield. Schofield, who was thrown into the Broncos’ shuffled up offensive line, called that game “one of his worst games of all time.” Although Mack didn’t have a sack in the Raiders’ Week 5 meeting against the Broncos, he still managed six tackles in the 16-10 loss. Despite the upgrade with Stephenson, Mack remains a problem for the Broncos and records six or more sacks against the defending Super Bowl champions in 2016.

Scenario 2: Four to six

Mack is still a thorn in the Broncos’ side, and as a result puts up similar numbers to 2015. The Broncos’ offensive line still can’t seem to shake the injury bug, and as a result Mack continues to wreak havoc on the Broncos’ quarterbacks. Stephenson, who started in seven games with the Chiefs in 2015 and didn’t give up a sack to Mack, can’t contain him any longer. Mack records between four and six sacks in 2016.

Scenario 3: Two to four

The addition of Donald Stephenson proves to be the right signing and the new Broncos offensive line shows it can keep Mack under control. Even if the Broncos aren’t able to completely shut Mack down, he’s at least somewhat manageable. Mack was the first person to be named to the AP All-Pro team at two positions for a reason. It will be hard for Denver to take him completely out of the game twice. As a result, Mack records between two and four sacks, but doesn’t inflict nearly the damage he did last year.

Scenario 4: Less than two

The Broncos proved that they have the ability to shut Mack down in the past, holding him to zero sacks in three-and-a-half games before he exploded in the two teams’ final meeting in 2015. Mack was nearly invisible against the Broncos in 2014, recording only three tackles in two games. The revamped offensive line shakes off that nightmare half and proves that the game was an outlier. The Broncos turn Mack back into the the 2014 version of himself by holding him to two sacks or less in 2016.

What does Broncos Country think? How many sacks will Khalil Mack against Denver in 2016?

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