In the 30 days leading up to the start of Denver Broncos Training Camp 2016, we’re examining 30 big questions for the season. We’ll make a case for each answer; you’ll vote and tell Broncos Country what’s going to happen this year.

With the star-studded roster of the Denver Broncos, it may come as a surprise to learn who scored the most touchdowns during their trek to become Super Bowl 50 champions.

That somewhat unlikely candidate was Ronnie Hillman, who has since taken somewhat of a backseat to C.J. Anderson following Anderson’s strong performance in the playoffs and the four-year, $18 million deal he signed with the Broncos back in March.

The Broncos are primed to have a different offense with head coach Gary Kubiak now fully able to implement his own system. With a new offense in the works, will a different player lead the team in touchdowns in 2016?

C.J. Anderson

Anderson is fresh off his new deal, and has all but been named the Broncos’ NO. 1 running back heading into 2016. Anderson was the Broncos bread and butter throughout the 2015 playoffs and wound up scoring Denver’s only offensive touchdown in Super Bowl 50. He was no slouch in the regular season either, scoring five touchdowns on 720 yards rushing. Anderson will be used heavily in Kubiak’s run-oriented system. The wear-and-tear the run game has on a defense, along with the increase in carries, could lead to a lot of touchdowns on Anderson’s end.

Ronnie Hillman

The reigning touchdown leader could find himself in the exact same position come the end of 2016. Hillman not only led the Broncos in touchdowns in 2015, but he also led in rushing yards as well with 863. Hillman could serve as the lighting to C.J. Anderson’s thunder and have another big season in Kubiak’s system. If Anderson can soften up the defense, and Hillman can hang on to the football, the latter could kill them with speed and retain his crown as the touchdown leader for the Broncos.

Emmanuel Sanders

Emmanuel Sanders is coming off the best two year span of his career. It can be argued that his success was directly related to Peyton Manning, but when Brock Osweiler took over for an injured Manning, Sanders proved that he can catch the ball no matter who’s throwing it to him. Sanders has shown that he’s not afraid to take the big hit, and if he can continue the success he’s experienced thus far as a member of the Broncos, he could see more than his six touchdowns from 2015 and rise to the top of the 2016 leaderboard.

Demaryius Thomas

Demaryius Thomas has shown he can be a touchdown machine. From 2012 to 2014, he scored at least 10 touchdowns in each season. While he only scored six in 2015, Thomas still managed to catch 105 passes for 1,304 yards. Thomas went through a contract dispute similar to that of Von Miller, causing him to miss all of the team’s offseason activities prior to training camp. Thomas’ focus shifted from business to football to family when his mother was released from prison mid-season. With nothing left for Thomas to focus on besides football, 2016 could be the year that he returns to the DT of old and claims the leading touchdown scorer honor.

What does Broncos Country think? Who will lead the Broncos in touchdowns?

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