Chris Harris is almost perfect – he allowed zero touchdowns and not a single pass play greater than 22 yards in 2014 – but even the best players in the NFL can’t be perfect forever.

Last season the University of Kansas product had 72 combined tackles, 62 total tackles, 10 assisted tackles, one interception, six defended passes and one stuff, not to mention the zero TDs.

After a near-perfect 2014, it’s a bit much to expect the same this year. So the question becomes when will Harris give up a touchdown this upcoming season? It’s a new year and receivers are itching at the opportunity to go head-to-head with Harris and score on the cornerback.

Week 1 against Baltimore pits a savvy veteran against Harris. Although the Ravens have a very capable quarterback in Joe Flacco, their wide receiver corps is a shell of its Super Bowl-winning self. Baltimore’s best bet on scoring on Harris would be 15-year NFL veteran Steve Smith, who had an excellent 2014 season.

If he’s going to allow a score between Weeks 2 and 8, two games stand out as possibilities. Week 3 looks to bring a major challenge for Harris and his cornerback partner, Aqib Talib, when they head to Detroit and must square off against Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate. Each receiver poses a major threat to both corners and the two of them combine in scary ways. In Week 8, Jordy Nelson comes to town with Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. Nelson has been outstanding and Green Bay always finds ways to move him around the field to get the best matchup. Harris and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips will have to keep a close eye on Nelson in this very important midseason game.

The tests don’t stop through the end of the regular season. Right away Denver will face Ty Hilton in Indianapolis. The speedster torched Talib during the playoffs last year, so Harris could get the call in this one. Julian Edelman has been a thorn in Denver’s side of late, making the Week 12 matchup with New England not just a game to watch but an individual battle to keep glued to. Harris won’t likely get the call to cover Rob Gronkowski, but Wade Phillips could press his luck a few times during what will likely be a must-win game and we could see a very interesting matchup.

If Harris can last through Week 12 without surrendering a score, his final test will come against A.J. Green at home against Cincinnati in Week 16. The Broncos will be looking to avenge a Monday Night Football loss from 2014 and Harris will have to be superb against Green to make that happen.

Should the Broncos survive their difficult schedule and advance to the playoffs, they could be facing any number of these teams again – especially Baltimore, New England and Cincinnati. Should Harris stay perfect through the regular season, those teams will continue to present even greater challenges on an even greater stage.

But after being snubbed by his NFL peers and missing out on the NFL’s Top 100 of 2015 list, Harris will no doubt be hungry and wanting to show the league that he’s for real. Could another perfect year be in the works? Statistics say, no. But Harris, the undrafted, unheralded second-team All-Pro has always upended statistics – just like he upends opposing receivers.

So, when will Chris Harris finally give up a touchdown?