Welcome to 5 Quick Questions, a series here at Mile High Sports where we will ask as many Colorado Rockies ballplayers as we can, and maybe a few coaches, front office members and media too, the same set of questions.

We will be keeping track of trends and making note of particularly fun or interesting answers while also adding a bit of context wherever it may be needed.

Next Up: Noah Davis and Victor Vodnik

Who were your favorite players growing up?

Noah Davis: “Either Troy Glaus or Darin Erstad. He had like 240 hits one year? Played all over the field, kindof a scrappy type. He was kinda the epitome of those Angels teams when I was growing up.”

Victor Vodnik: “I was an Angel fan so Mike Trout and Jared Weaver.”

When you think of the Rockies, who is the first player who comes to mind?

Noah Davis: “Troy Tulowitzki. (My favorite player) kinda passed on from Erstad to Tulowitzki when I got a little bit older. I remember I came here when I was a sophomore in high school and bought a Tulowitzki jersey. I always liked watching him play. A shortstop who could do it all.”

Victor Vodnik: “Probably Chuck. He’s the first guy that came to mind for me. He’s been everything for this organization lately.”

They say that the triple is the most exciting play in baseball. Do you agree and if not, what is?

Noah Davis: “I think the triple play. Maybe that’s just being a pitcher, being a little biased, but I like defense. It doesn’t come around very often and whenever it does it’s all over Twitter and the news and stuff. That’s a pitcher’s best friend right there.”

Victor Vodnik: “Immaculate Inning probably. Most exciting. One of the hardest things to do. I’ve gone to seven pitches on it once. I’ve seen guys get to eight and that ninth one is a foul ball. Brutal. But that’s the toughest and most exciting thing to do.”

If you could have any job in the world other than your own, what would it be?

Noah Davis: “I don’t have any musical talents but I would probably choose musician.”

Drew Creasman: “If you could wave a magic wand and become really talented on an instrument, which would it be?”

Davis: “I think it would be really cool to be good at drums. Everyone needs a drummer. You can play any type of music with drums. You control the rhythm of everything. It kinda compares to pitching a little bit. I like being able to control the game. I like being able to set the rhythm. Doing the same thing in music would be pretty cool.”

Victor Vodnik: “I’d be in either football or basketball. I was a quarterback in high school. Good arm but I wouldn’t really throw a good ball honestly. No good spirals that’s for sure. I could throw it 60 yards, but it wouldn’t look pretty.”

What is your favorite ballgame that you played in?

Noah Davis: “I think my start in Philadelphia. That was kinda the first time taking the mound in front of a Friday night, sold out crowd. Those fans were pretty into the game.”

Drew Creasman: “They get pretty rowdy in Philly.”

Davis: “From the beginning, when you’re warming up and they’re kinda yelling at you out there in the bullpen and then you go out there to face that kinda lineup and just to be there. It was pretty cool. Every time I take the mound here at Coors Field is special too. This is my favorite city that I’ve been to and I’m pretty lucky to call it my home field.”

Victor Vodnik: “Probably last night honestly. Growing up as an Angels fan, the Dodgers were always our rival. Half my family loves the Dodgers and half my family loves the Angels. I hated the Dodgers.”

Drew Creasman: “Well, you’re on the right team now for hating the Dodgers.”

Vodnik: “100 percent. So it was cool facing them and competing against them, settling in a little bit, it was pretty cool.”


On April 21, 2023, Noah Davis made the second start and just third appearance of his career. He pitched 4.2 innings and gave up just a lone run, striking out five without walking a batter.

On September 26, 2023, Victor Vodnik made the fifth appearance of his career, and of the season, tossing two innings against the Dodgers, giving up a run and striking out three batters. 

A pair of Angels fans in this one give the first votes for Troy Glaus, Darin Erstad, Jared Weaver and Mike Trout.

Tulowitzki gets his second vote and Blackmon his eighth. Todd Helton remains in first place with 15 votes.

Vodnik was the first to specify that he would play another sport though we’ve had a few suggest coaching and working in analytics. Davis meanwhile is our third would-be musician after Kris Bryant and Jake Bird.