Welcome to 5 Quick Questions, a series here at Mile High Sports where we will ask as many Colorado Rockies ballplayers as we can, and maybe a few coaches, front office members and media too, the same set of questions.

We will be keeping track of trends and making note of particularly fun or interesting answers while also adding a bit of context wherever it may be needed.

Next Up: Ty Blach and Peter Lambert

Who were your favorite players growing up?

Ty Blach: “Andres Galarraga. The Big Cat was always my favorite player and then when he left Todd Helton.” 

Peter Lambert: “Probably Zack Greinke was my favorite player. I just loved watching him pitch. Clayton Kershaw, too, can’t count him out.”

When you think of the Rockies, who is the first player who comes to mind?

Ty Blach: “The Big Cat, for sure. Larry Walker is another one that comes to mind, obviously. Hall-of-Famer and just the history that he had here another one that makes a big impact. And of course Todd Helton who better be in the Hall-of-Fame soon.”

Peter Lambert: “Todd Helton.”

They say that the triple is the most exciting play in baseball. Do you agree and if not, what is?

Ty Blach: “I think if our team is on offense then yes I would agree with that. I think it is electrifying seeing guys put their speed on the line and just put the athleticism at a peak showcase.”

Peter Lambert: “I gotta go with a home run I think. From a fan standpoint, for sure. Giving up a home run is obviously not exciting,” he laughed.

If you could have any job in the world other than your own, what would it be?

Ty Blach: “I have no idea, honestly. Probably something in business…some kind of finance job. But baseball has been my answer to that question since I was three.” 

Peter Lambert: “Shoot. I don’t know. I’ll be a… football coach. 

Drew Creasman: “Have you ever drawn up any plays?”

Peter Lambert: “No, not really.”

Drew Creasman: “What about Madden?”

Peter Lambert: “Oh yeah, in Madden you can get crazy.”

What is your favorite ballgame that you played in?

Ty Blach: “Man, there’s a lot of great ones. I remember playing a game against Wichita State in college for the conference championship my sophomore year when I was at Creighton. That was such a big rivalry and for us to be able to beat them and win the championship…that was special.”

“I’ve had some really special ones with the Giants in some deep playoff runs but I’ll always remember that one.”

Peter Lambert: “It’s gotta be my debut at Wrigley Field in 2019. ”

Drew Creasman: “That was a great game.”

Peter Lambert: “My first two were against them.”

Drew Creasman: “Have you ever talked to Kris Bryant about that?”

Peter Lambert: “No, no I haven’t. I think he got a double of me and… I think I hit him.” (Laughs)


Two more votes for Helton extending his comfortable lead. He now has 14 votes for all-time Rockie while Andres Galarraga picks up his first and Larry Walker gets his fifth, both thanks to the Colorado-native, Ty Blach.

Greinke gets named for the first time and Kershaw for the second as Lambert joins Jake Bard in appreciation of the Dodger lefty.

Lambert becomes the 11th player, and fifth pitcher, to choose a home run of some variety as the most exciting play in baseball while Blach was the first of 23 players surveyed to simply grant the premise of the question that the triple is, in fact, pretty exciting.

Blach is the second to mention “business” as an alternative job after the now-LA Angel C.J. Cron. Lambert was the first to bring up football coach, though it sounds like he isn’t so sure his video game experience qualifies him just yet.

On June 6, 2019, Peter Lambert made his MLB debut pitching for the Colorado Rockies in Chicago at Wrigley Field against the Cubs. He put up what was still one of the best outings of his career, going seven innings and striking out nine batters while allowing just one run on four hits. 

Kris Bryant went 1-for-3 and scored the only run against Lambert and got the only extra-base hit, a double.