7 reasons you should check out RugbyTown 7s in Glendale

This story originally appeared in Mile High Sports Magazine. Read the full digital edition.

For the sixth time, the RugbyTown 7s rugby tournament is coming back to Glendale, Colo., August 25-27 at Infinity Park. The high-octane 7-on-7 version of rugby is a must-see event due to the sheer entertainment of the sport, and the most competitive field ever at the tournament.

To celebrate the growth of rugby sevens, here are seven reasons you should get to Infinity Park to check out the action of the RugbyTown 7s tournament.


  1. “It’s just endless action. There could be a turnover every play. Where football is more stop and start, there’s constantly something happening. It’s high action and endless entertainment.” – Dave Synnot, Head Coach, U-20 Glendale Raptors
  2. “Rugby is built around camaraderie and culture, that’s what really defines a person’s character. I’ve learned that being humble and staying grounded [is important]. No matter how much you’ve achieved, there’s always room for improvement. There’s no room for selfishness and individualism.”  – Ata Malifa, Player, Glendale Raptors Elite
  3. “Fans will instantly enjoy the physicality, speed, skill and accuracy of the sport and witness great athleticism on the pitch by the players. Once fans have watched the fast-flowing nature of the sport and near nonstop action, they will be wanting more – which they will get as there is a game every 20 minutes throughout the tournament.” – David Williams, Head Premier Coach, Glendale Raptors
  4. “[Rugby] is a very inclusive game that combines a lot of the best aspects of all sports. It has a team element, it has nonstop action, it has tactics, it has brute strength, and it has individual brilliance.” – Curtis Reed, Contributor, This Is American Rugby
  5. “Having the opportunity to visit new countries, learning their culture and traditions and especially meeting new friends all over the world [is what I love most about Rugby].” – Waisale Serevi, Rugby Hall of Famer
  6. “Another aspect that is attractive [about rugby] is the constant action and the immediate transition from attack to defense. You have to be truly fit to play the game. The true mysteries of rugby reveal themselves only to the truly fit.” – Mark Bullock, Director of Rugby, Glendale Rugby Football Club
  7. “Rugby is a special sport because of its community. There is a bond within the sport that is unlike any other. It brings people together from all backgrounds, from all corners of the world.” – Zach Fenoglio, Player, Glendale Raptors Elite