Holiday season is upon us. A time for cured meats and cheeses, hardy ales and the companionship of ones we love. It’s also time to reflect on what’s working and what’s not in the world of Denver sports.

The Good

The Avs and the Nuggets continue their reign as the only thing to be positive about in Denver these days. After a rocky, injury filled start, the Avs are slowly climbing the Central division standings and will probably be on top by the end of December if they continue to drub opponents like they have the last few games. The Nuggets are in a similar boat as the Avs but may have a tougher trip to the top of its division because the team is experiencing its own slate of injuries. Both teams are a bright spot and a beacon of hope in an otherwise dreary sports landscape. They are both elite in their respective leagues and it still seems like a dream that two teams that play in the same building could both be so good. Now if only you could watch them by turning on your TV, this good might go to great.

The Bad

The Broncos are bad. Yeah, the NFL broadcasts keep showing them as “in the hunt” but the only thing they will be in the hunt for is a new coach once this season ends. They could also look around for a new QB while they’re at it too. Not that Teddy has been terrible, he just hasn’t been terribly good. Week after week, we see good QBs struggle, so you’re made painfully aware that having a mediocre one leading your team is pretty much a death sentence for the season.

The Broncos aren’t exactly untalented but the current coaching staff could probably make whoever played under center for the Lions this past weekend look like Tom Brady. And for that I’m at least confident they can turn it around once someone with a pulse takes the team over: on the field and in the fine leather chair of ownership.

The Ugly

I’ll give you a hint which team once again graces this spot. They pack the place during every homestand and make a clown car on fire with screaming clowns inside seem like a minor accident. That’s right, gang. It’s YOUR Colorado Rockies. After sending Nolan Arenado AND $50 million dollars to the St. Louis Cardinals, they said “hold my Dippin’ Dots” and went for more. I’ll give them that they fired Jeff Bridich, but they immediately knocked on the nearest bathroom stall and got Bill Schmidt to be the next GM for life. I’m convinced that if you go to enough games this season and ask Dick Monfort nicely, you too can be the GM for at least a season or two.

After Nolan was traded, we saw a real shift in people finally bailing out on the Rockies. You wouldn’t know it by the attendance, because those are the scores of transplant fans enjoying the hell out of themselves at lovely Coors Field. I can’t blame them. Do you need more? They didn’t trade Trevor Story who then turned down the team’s qualifying offer faster than an insulting fantasy football trade. And then there’s Jon Gray. The one guy who publicly said he wanted to keep playing for the Rockies, didn’t get a qualifying offer and hit free agency where I’m sure someone will figure out how to use the talented but miscast Rockies mainstay. Great work, everyone.The Rockies may never make it off the Ugly list.

Honorable Mention for The Ugly

Also ugly is the aforementioned inability to watch the Avs and Nuggets. Ok, you can watch them if you have the right tv provider, but the one that broadcasts to most of the tvs in Colorado doesn’t carry the games. It’s been going on too long and it will be a real shame to miss out as these two teams continue to transform into contenders. It’s a good thing the later round playoffs and finals are usually on a major network where you don’t have to be subjected to this grand pissing match. But still, don’t you want to see them on the road to their respective championships? The journey is what it’s all about and we’re missing this major part of the story due to the ongoing dispute. It’s gone beyond ugly to grisly.