Addressing the left tackle position has to be on the radar for the Denver Broncos, either in the upcoming NFL Draft or sometime before the start of the 2017 season.

While most attention has fallen on two particular prospects in Ryan Ramczyk and Garett Bolles, one name has gone almost under the radar as a left tackle prospect, despite playing for the college football’s most dominant program.

Would the Broncos’ offensive line look much more stable with Alabama’s Cam Robinson at left tackle?

Robinson was a star at Alabama, starting all 43 games there, including college football playoffs and bowl games. Facing the “NFL Factory” SEC conference competition, Robinson’s ability to hold down the LT position is incredibly impressive. At the conclusion of last season, Robinson earned first team All-American honors at the tackle position.

Some of Robinson’s best attributes are his huge frame (six-foot-six, 322 pounds) which makes him the ideal size for a left tackle in the NFL. He also possesses the strength coveted to take on bull rushers coming off the edge.

Robinson also showed up biggest when it counted and against potential No. 1 overall pick Myles Garrett, Robinson didn’t allow Garrett a single sack. Talent like Garrett exists all over the NFL, especially in the AFC West. Twice a year Denver will need to face off against Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa, two of the game’s best young pass rushers.

The experience Robinson has against premiere talent gives him a distinct advantage over other offensive linemen.

Robinson, like most prospects, isn’t without his flaws. For starters, teams are having a difficult time determining if Robinson is meant to play tackle in the NFL.

Due to his size and technique which has labeled him as a “mauler,” some teams consider him a better fit for guard in the NFL.In his position rankings, NFL draft guru Mike Mayock even has Robinson listed as an interior offensive linemen. And currently, not even the highest rated interior OL.

As a true “mauler,” Robinson’s strengths lie in overpowering defenders and being an excellent run blocker. In the passing game, he needs to figure out how to use his size and have more balance while keeping defenders away from the pocket.

Another knock on Robinson has been his commitment to the game of football. While he showed up in premiere matchups, there are reports that he often looked “bored” while facing other competition in college.

Finally, Robinson has some technical issues. The most noticeable of these is his footwork, where he gets tripped up from time to time.

Not much more can prepare a college player than playing for a pro-ready system at Alabama while playing against the best players in the nation. Cam Robinson sure brings the size, pedigree and experience that the Broncos need at the left tackle position.

On paper, this seems like a perfect match. But if Robinson truly fills out better as an NFL guard, the Broncos will be back to square one: a search for stability at left tackle.