This weekend marks the inaugural running of The Colorado Mile, a one-mile top speed racing event being held at Front Range Airport in Watkins, Friday – Sunday. The event, from the producers of the world-famous Texas Mile, is the first of its kind in Colorado and will attract tens of thousands of motorsports and auto enthusiasts both for competition and spectating.

Whether you have a custom muscle car built in your home garage, a stock car off the manufacturer’s line, or something in-between, The Colorado Mile is your chance to put your car to the test and find out its top speed.


But how does it work? How exactly does the crew from The Colorado Mile capture the top speeds of hundreds of drivers going in an almost nonstop circuit for three straight days? It’s called the Speed Trap, and this is one speed trap drivers will be happy to be caught in.

Here’s how it works…

Speed Trap Timing Process

Recognition and Bragging Rights:

In addition to the shear thrill of going as fast as you want without the fear of a speeding ticket or a trip to jail, each participant receives:

  • An official Colorado Mile Event Top Speed Certificate
  • A Colorado Mile Hard Card License

Each Driver/Rider that reaches 200+ can purchase a coveted 200 MPH Club Shirt

Official Speed:

For all, MPH is calculated by a state of the art speed trap located at the last 132 feet of The Colorado Mile. Timing equipment includes timing lights and lasers hooked to a computer designed for calculating top speed runs.

Display Boards and Announcements:

There are three display boards that show the unofficial speed of each pass. The official speeds are announced over our local FM broadcast system.

Speed Slips:

A speed slip is printed after every pass down the mile that shows the captured speed of each pass. Each participant should obtain their speed slip on the return road from a Timing and Scoring representative. Please keep your speed slips. DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY. You need them for the following reasons:

  1. To obtain your speed certificate
  2. To prove your 200MPH run in order to purchase your T-Shirt at the event
  3. These speed slips can be used as proof of speed in case there is a discrepancy in the raw results after the event

Speed Certificates:

In order to obtain your speed certificate, go to registration with your fastest speed slip of the event. Each participant is allowed one certificate (two certificates if you need one for your sponsor). Do not pick up your speed certificate unless you have completed all of your runs for the event.

Recording of Speed for all Drivers/Riders:

Each pass down the mile is recorded in multiple ways. As the pass is completed, the speed is called out to our logger and written down. Then timing and scoring will print out an official speed slip. The speed written down is compared to the printed speed slip and then logged into a computer data base. This data base is used as our raw results. Our raw results are an official record of :

  1. Competition placement
  2. Getting an official record

For those that set records in their class, your information will be recorded in THE U.S. MILE RECORD database which will be for public bragging rights on our Web site. We will also post all the results. SO EVERYBODY gets to see their name in digital print.