Sometimes there just aren’t words appropriate to summarize a loss. That may be a little how the Denver Broncos felt after they watched a 12-0 lead at halftime turn into a 15-12 loss at the hands of the Oakland Raiders.

Given the silence on social media, it’s safe to say that the Broncos are taking this loss pretty darn hard. But one Bronco found a silver lining on a tough day.

It was Denver’s first loss to Oakland since 2011 and their second consecutive loss to a division opponent at home after dropping a Week 10 contest to Kansas City. The loss now makes things not only interesting in the race for the top seed in the AFC, with Cincinnati also losing Sunday and the Patriots now back into the driver’s seat. It also means that Denver could be looking at a dogfight with the resurgent Chiefs for the AFC West crown.

After most games, especially wins, fans will hear from players on social media. But things were eerily quiet in Broncos Country following the loss to Oakland. Two hours after the game, only a few Broncos had offered up any sort of take on what happened at Sports Authority Field.

Chris Harris was very short on words.

Cody Latimer, however, found a silver lining, and a bright one at that, proving some things are in fact bigger than the game.