Ty Lawson’s name has been in and out of the news with trade rumors this offseason, but he isn’t the only Nugget possibly looking for a new home.

According to Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders Kenneth Faried shares the same sentiments.

“Sources close to the process say Lawson and Faried have kept no secret of their discontent and unless the Nuggets can pull off something major on the coaching front or make a significant trade, both have indicated they’d rather see a trade instead of sticking around for a long rebuild.”

The Nuggets are still without a head coach, and as more time passes the likelihood of retaining Melvin Hunt seems more imminent. It is still very unsure if the combination of Hunt and the No. 7 overall pick will be enough for the Nuggets to keep their stars happy, but in the meantime Tim Connelly and Josh Kroenke will be busy weighing their options.