TJ Carpenter, a radio talent new to Colorado (head mornings 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. on AM 1340 | FM 104.7) said on Monday that sometimes it’s more entertaining to not be so perfect. Like the TV show “Game of Thrones,” its better if you dont know what’s coming – if you don’t know what will happen next. Unpredictability, he says, is what makes sports amazing. Not knowing the outcome is what makes it worth watching. TJ has a point.

With Peyton Manning, there was no struggle minute to minute or game to game. If not for a first-round bye and possibly meeting the Evil Patriots and Lord Tom Brady at home in the playoffs rather than going to Castle Foxboro, we wouldnt have cared much about the regular season. We knew Peyton would get us 12 wins at the least. It was only a question of will they win it all this year? It was like fast forwarding a show only to see what happens in the season finale.

Sure Peyton and those Broncos were not perfect – a few let downs here and there – but for the most part, you knew WINS WERE COMING. They were always coming.

The 2017 Denver Broncos, on the other hand, are an enigma. A question mark among question marks.

Like the unpredictable “Game of Thrones,” we dont know what the Denver Broncos will bring us. This season for the Denver Broncos is much-watch television (and – SPOILER ALERT – it’s not based on a book series).

Speaking of, there are those who believe the Broncos are in for a storybook ending once again. This is the “Its Going to be Okay” crowd.

They have their characters, whom they believe in and know to be steadfast, no matter the storyline. A solid pass defense, which is lead by those lovable characters in Von Miller, Aqib Talib, Chris Harris, Derek Wolfe. The Kings of Denver who can save any game from the likes of the evil scoundrel and Raiders QB Derek Carr, or the carnivorous sleeping dragon that is Rob Gronkowski.

The “Don’t Panic” crowd sees hope.

Hope in the young underdog Trevor Siemian, who has overcome all odds and doubters to lead the army of Broncos to the playoffs. Siemian, the underrated prince who you just can’t seem to dethrone or count-out. This group of people has faith in the organization, points out how long the Broncos have been winner, and says, just because they have a new cast, doesn’t mean the story line won’t be the same. The Broncos have not had a losing season since 2010, when the villainous Josh McDaniels was ultimately fired and written off the show in Denver.

Then there are those who believe this Broncos season is going to look like a horror film rather than an epic classic – a disaster waiting to happen. The “Miss the Playoffs” crowd.

It hurts to say, but this group of Broncos doubters might not be wrong when predicting either.

Joe Williams (with whom I have the great pleasure of arguing for two hours every day), is a legendary talk show host in Denver. And while he has never and will never watch “Game of Thrones,” Joe has seen just about everything when it comes to the NFL. Joe is a self-proclaimed expert in women, the human condition and quarterbacks, and Joe says look no further than the QB when trying to predict the Broncos season. Joe Williams is as talented as they come in predicting the NFL, and Joe says without hesitation “Welcome to 8-8, Peyton Manning isn’t here anymore.” Whether Siemian or Paxton Lynch – no matter who claims the Iron Sharpens Iron Throne – Williams isn’t buying in.

For the legendary Joe Williams and many others, it’s as simple as that. No Peyton and questions at QB equal a long season for the Broncos. For those doubters the Broncos need to rewrite the script.

Gary Kubiak took his Super Bowl Rings and many years of NFL experience and left the kingdom for a rocking chair. He was a stellar coach with tons of experience.

Now, the new regime, Vance Joseph and company, come in with question marks – story lines that we will all be paying attention to. Who will be the hero at QB? Who will serve as his knights of protection on the offensive line? Will the defense look the same or be different with Wade Phillips, now gone to Hollywood?

No one knows what the outcome is going to be. But like a well-written show, we will all be tuning in to find out. Week to week and minute to minute, we have to wait and see if, really and truly, WINS ARE COMING!

Featured Image Credit: Ryan Greene