Through the early part of Broncos training camp 2017, wide receiver Bennie Fowler has emerged as the top candidate for the No. 3 spot behind Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas.

Fowler joined Alex Ramirez and Joe Rico after Sunday’s practice at training camp, saying that the biggest change for him from year two to year three is his conditioning. The third-year wideout from Michigan State says his offseason conditioning program has him ready to play 60 snaps a game.

That’s not an unrealistic expectation, given the new offensive system that’s being installed by offensive coordinator Mike McCoy.

So far, Fowler has been impressed with the way the offense works to its players’ strengths, although he believes the unit will be improved in 2017 for other reasons beyond just the scheme.

“We’re taking advantage of a lot of the talent that we have at the skill positions,” Fowler said, “but we’ve also gotten better on the offensive line, and I think just another year of experience for everybody is helping us become a better offense.”

Going head-to-head with one of the best defenses in football will help as well. In the early going, Fowler has frequently matched up with arguably the best slot cover corner in the game, Chris Harris. The All-Pro is seeing good things from Fowler this year.

“Bennie has great releases and great hands,” Harris said on Friday. “In our system, I think he’s going to be great. I think Trevor [Siemian] and him have great chemistry together. I don’t know what the chemistry is with him and Paxton [Lynch] yet, but Trevor loves to find him. You can see from the season last year, when Bennie came in, Trevor always looked for him. I like the competition. I’m definitely going to make him better every day and he should be ready to go and take on that slot receiver.”

That’s high praise from one of the best in the business and a good sign Fowler is on his way to claiming that No. 3 spot.

Catch the full interview with Fowler, including what happened to Peyton Manning’s final NFL pass, in the podcast below.

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