What could be a more perfect end to this 2022 campaign than six consecutive games in Los Angeles against the Dodgers?

The moment it was revealed that this part of the schedule would play out as it is, the jokes basically wrote themselves. Even those who thought this team could exceed expectations had to look at this as the worst possible case scenario.

So maybe it’s actually a blessing in disguise that the Rockies were mathematically eliminated weeks ago and pragmatically eliminated months ago. On the flip side, the Dodgers have been comfortably pacing the National League all year. For the last ten years.

These games are truly bizarre to behold.

Of course, you can comment on two teams at completely different levels of competitiveness and respect around the game and then see that play out on the field in the form of a 10-1 loss for the visitors. You can note that even in the follow-up, a much closer 6-4 contest, any signs of life for the Rockies are immediately undercut by the far superior team.

Sure, when the starter gives up six runs in 3.1 IP, you know the game is over already… but wasn’t it over before it even started? Wasn’t the entire series? Why watch it? Why even play it?

From a certain perspective, it is hard to justify spending time and energy on the fundamentally strange series.

But not from Ezequiel Tovar’s perspective. Or Michael Toglia’s. Or Elehuris Montero’s. Or Sean Bouchard’s.

These at-bats for these young players are incredibly valuable and each one has been drinking up each opportunity like they’ve arrived at an oasis after traveling through the desert. 

Bouchard, the least hyped prospect among them, has maybe even been opening some eyes as he continues to show an ability to hang at the MLB level. He’s getting on base at a clip of .450 in 80 plate appearances. In fact, he has the highest walk rate of any player in the league with at least 80 PA, showcasing an advanced feel for the zone very early in his career.

Reliever Jake Bird got taken to school a bit in his most recent appearance which is never fun. But being taken to school can be a good thing if you learn something.

That’s not to say that there’s nothing to be seen from the veterans either.

For the impending free agents like Alex Colome or Jose Iglesias, this may be the last time we see them wearing a Rockies jersey. They have only been around for this season, but both made their mark in mostly positive ways and will be missed if this is the end.

Someone with far more tenure as a member of the club is Carlos Estevez who has spent six seasons in Colorado and quietly made his way up to the sixth most appearances of any pitcher in franchise history.

He is already shut down for the rest of the year but if you can catch a glimpse of him around the bullpen, it may be one of the last times.

Like the end of a school year, there are always mixed emotions when a baseball season comes to an end. Especially one as disappointing as this.

Still, the players go out there and give it their all, despite the fact that they are all very aware of the standings as well. They owe it to the integrity of competition and to themselves in their constant grind to get better.

You can’t begrudge any fan who not only isn’t watching these final games but also tuned out months ago. 

But for those who are still watching, there are a multitude of small joys and bittersweet moments to be had as we say goodbye to another baseball season.