The Broncos and Brock Osweiler didn’t exactly part on good terms.

Whether he’ll admit it or not, Osweiler clearly felt spurned by the organization’s decision to replace him with Peyton Manning late in the year, and he did all he could to get out of town once the season ended. On the Broncos end of things, while John Elway made a push to re-sign Osweiler, he’s gone on to say that sometimes the “deals you don’t make are the best ones.”

So, to say that the Broncos matchup with the Texans next Monday night is a big one would be an understatement; it’s a revenge game, for both sides.

Just look at what Brandon Marshall had to say about meeting his former quarterback on the field.

And it doesn’t stop with Marshall.

“It is what it is,” Chris Harris Jr. said following practice on Monday. “We know that he left us. It’s going to be great. I’m pretty sure that he wants to win, we want to beat him bad and get a lot of interceptions.”

The Broncos have faced some speed bumps over the past few weeks, but gearing up to face your former quarterback is more than enough motivation for this group to turn things around.

Denver wants to show Osweiler that he was wrong to ever leave the Mile High City, and he wants to prove to the Broncos that he was the one that got away.

We’ll see who comes out on top Monday.