The Denver Broncos, specifically John Elway, have a lot of work to do. The Lombardi Trophy down at Dove Valley may make take a bit of the pressure off, but if Elway wants to continue Denver’s dominant run (which we all know he does), he’ll have to work some magic this offseason.

Nine Broncos starters from the Super Bowl, including kicker Brandon McManus, will be either a restricted or unrestricted free agent this offseason, and that’s without mentioning the numerous contributors who are also set to hit the market. If Elway plans on bringing back the whole squad next year, he’s going to have to get creative, because that’s a lot of dough.

As of this moment, the Broncos are estimated to have just under $13 million in cap space to work with, according to, but they should end up with even more room to work with than that; it all depends on whom they’re willing to part with.

If the Broncos were to cut bait with a few of their under-contract players in favor of signing some more of their key free agents, there’s a way in which Elway could clear a whole lot more cap space. Here are some of the top possibilities to get cut and the amount of money they would save against the cap:

Peyton Manning: $19 million

DeMarcus Ware: $10 million

Ryan Clady: $8.9 million

Louis Vasquez: $5.5 million

Emmanuel Sanders: $5 million

Britton Colquitt: $3.25 million

Now, I’m definitely not insinuating that the Broncos will cut all of these players — that would be crazy — but they will part ways with a few, at least. Manning is the most obvious, and lucrative, option, but Ware and Clady are legit possibilities, too. In both cases, you could make the argument that Elway has already drafted their replacements in Shane Ray and Ty Sambraillo, respectively.

The other option, though, is to simply restructure a few of those contracts, giving more guaranteed money across several years with a lower year-by-year cap hit; Clady has already said he’d be open to the possibility.

Whatever Denver decides to do, the bottom line is that they should enter free agency with significantly more cap space than just $13 million. In fact, if they were to part ways with Manning, Ware and Clady, they could be looking at roughly $50 million.

And with that in mind, let’s take a quick look at some of the Broncos’ top targets. I can’t speak for the Broncos, but here’s how I see their market playing out: