Against all odds, John Elway and the Denver Broncos are finally bringing back one of their own. According to Adam Schefter, Elway has matched the Miami Dolphins’ offer sheet to C.J. Anderson.

The four-year, $18 million contract the Dolphins offered Anderson, which includes $6 million in year one, looked to be enough to steal the Pro Bowl back away from the Broncos, but in the end, Elway felt C.J. was indispensable.

In each of the last two seasons, Anderson has averaged 4.7 yards per carry for the Denver Broncos, rushing for 1,569 yards and 13 touchdowns; he added 59 receptions, 507 yards and two touchdowns through the air.

And C.J. is ready to get back at it again with the Denver Broncos franchise.

While it’s nice to have C.J. back in Denver, Elway’s decision not to give Anderson the second-round tender has proved costly and ill advised. Had Elway placed the second-round tender on Anderson, any team looking to steal C.J. away would have had to fork up a second-round draft pick as well, which would have been highly unlikely.

Though that would have guaranteed Anderson $2.5 million, that’s still significantly less that the $6 million he’ll be making under his new deal in 2016; that’s not great with the Broncos being as cap-strapped as they already are.

Either Elway changed his mind on whether he wanted Anderson back in the first place or he severely misjudged Anderson’s value on the open market. Neither one of those options is a good one.

At this price, Anderson better perform like a top-10 back; otherwise, Elway will have a lot of explaining to do.