Brock Osweiler left the Broncos to sign a four-year, $72 million contract to become the new starting quarterback for the Houston Texans in 2016.

Many people thought he was being overpaid for someone who only started eight games, and others questioned why he would leave the Super Bowl-winning Broncos, the best defense in the NFL and John Elway for an unproven team in Houston.

Some even wondered whether he was afraid to play in the shadow of Peyton Manning and Elway.

Osweiler, though, would disagree.

“I have tremendous respect for both John Elway and Peyton Manning as people and as quarterbacks in the NFL, but I was not concerned one bit with playing in their shadow,” Osweiler told Jenny Vrentas of MMQB. “That didn’t weigh into my decision whatsoever. Bottom line, I made my decision off where I felt like I could have the most success playing quarterback in the NFL and where I could go and win long term.”

In Denver, the common thought was that Osweiler was angry about being benched for Peyton Manning in Week 17, and that’s why he left the Mile High City, but he says that’s false.

“There is no grudge,” Osweiler said. “I have tremendous respect for coach Gary Kubiak. I love that guy. In fact, I talked to him last weekend. He is a tremendous person, and he is a tremendous football coach.”

Osweiler admits that he took a “leap of faith” in choosing the Texans over the Broncos, but he seems to be confident with his decision, whether he’s telling the full truth or not.

The Texans finished last year at the top of the abysmal AFC South with a 9-7 record, going to the AFC Wild Card game, where they got stomped on by the Kansas City Chiefs, 30-0.

Osweiler, 25, was always going to be handed the keys to a franchise this offseason; he just has to hope he chose the right “car.”