The once-vaunted Broncos offense has lost its dominance over the last couple of seasons while the defense has been flourishing. With a first-year starter at quarterback, the Broncos feel a sense of starting over and are excited to grow together.

“It definitely seems like we’ve got a little bit more of a chemistry going,” tight end Virgil Green told Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro on Mile High Sports in advance of Denver’s Week 2 matchup with the Indianapolis Colts. “We understand things a lot more. We understand what we’re looking for and things we can do to combat some of the things defenses try to do.”

After the performance the offense put up against the Panthers defense last Thursday, the offense feels better with the direction they are headed.

“It’s definitely encouraging,” Green said. “Those are some premier guys out there. They weren’t slouches. They had their best guys out there and it’s a great feeling. I do think we could have put more points up on the board and those are the things we’ve got to strive for as the weeks come.”

With the encouraging play from their young quarterback, Trevor Siemian, and the running game already nearing midseason form the Broncos confidence level has been rising. But that doesn’t mean they are content.

“I think we are [confident] right now, but things obviously change week to week,” Green said. “We can’t sit here and act like we’re the greatest thing in the NFL right now. We’ve got to go out there every week and do things individually, things collectively as a group and put it out there on the field every Sunday.”

The offensive line played like animals up front in Week 1 to help the running game. This, to some, is new game play from the Broncos; tough and aggressive.

“Before, people classified us as not being tough and now I think that’s who we are,” Green said. “We’ve got some dogs up front, some guys that don’t care about who’s on the other side of the line of scrimmage and guys that are out there hungry; wanting to be great.”

The Colts will come into Denver this week after giving up 39 points to the Lions in week one. The Broncos know all to well not to judge a team on one game.

“They’ve got a lot of guys hurt on the back end,” Green said. “That might be part of the reason they didn’t play so well, defensively. But up front, I know for a fact, the guys that they have like [Eric] Walden, he’s a good outside linebacker; very physical. They have some guys that play hard on every snap up front. I don’t think its going to be easy by any means. We can definitely look at some of the things that the Lions did and see how we can attack them in that realm.”

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