The Broncos have had exceptional tight ends throughout the organization’s storied history and even recently they have had one of the best in the league. Moving into 2015, a tight end slot maybe open for a newcomer on the roster and Maxx Williams seems to be prepared to become the solution.

Thursday he spoke to the media and during his televised press conference on NFL Network he made it clear why he decided to enter this year’s draft and his goals as he showcases his skills Friday morning.

“I strive to be the best at my position, at my sport and going to the next level is how I can get there,” Williams said.

Williams, formerly a redshirt sophomore at the University of Minnesota, would be a second-generation NFL player following his father, Brian Williams who played 11 seasons as a center for the New York Giants after a great collegiate career for the Gophers. His mother, Rochele Williams was also a standout volleyball player with the Gophers. Maxx Williams believes his experiences watching his dad and growing up around the NFL has aided him in his preparation for the NFL.

The Broncos negotiations with Julius Thomas have seemed to have stalled. The Broncos tried to get a deal done before the 2014 season began with little success. Thomas now is looking to test the free agency market, leaving a need for a ball-catching tight end to replace him.

Williams fits the mold perfectly. According to the Gophers team site, in only his second season of playing time at the University of Minnesota, the 6’4”, 250-pound tight end caught eight touchdowns and was only the third sophomore to become a Mackey Award Finalist. He led the team in receptions (36) and yards receiving (569).

Williams is a raw talent when it comes to blocking along the line but said Thursday he is focused on improving as a player in all aspects of his game. When asked who he compares himself to he had a wise choice.

“Jason Witten, he’s a complete tight end in my opinion. He blocks, he runs routes, he makes plays for his team. That’s what I want to be.”

Williams was later asked if it was frustrating to be in a power-run scheme at the University of Minnesota. Williams looked on the bright side of things.

“You can’t be frustrated with the offense you’re in,” Williams said. “I think it benefited me because it taught me how to be an on-line blocker and playing in a power scheme gave me mismatches in the play-action.”

There no doubt that the Broncos will incorporate a heavy play-action based passing game and it seems Williams could fit in nicely. He was a big red zone target for the Gophers and will surely continue that trend in the NFL.

Obviously, Thomas’s blocking was an area of concern for the Broncos since his arrival in 2011 and although Williams continues to be raw in that area his willingness to learn is encouraging.

“I want to show I have great hands and then good technique,” Williams said in regards to his on-field workouts scheduled for Friday morning. “I want to show that I can play on the line.”

He was then was asked how many official interviews he had with teams and acknowledged he had 21 scheduled. He was specifically asked if the Broncos were one of them. “I know I have an interview with them,” he said.

Williams remains the No. 1 ranked tight end in the 2015 draft class according to Mike Mayock and many others. It seems the Broncos will be in the market for a tight end with Williams skill set and will have a very good shot at drafting him with the 28th pick. Friday will be telling if he is truly NFL-ready.

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