With the Denver Broncos elimination from playoff contention on Sunday, evaluation of coaching and players to rebuild for the 2019 season is already on the minds of many Denver Bronco fans. One of those positions — and players — in evaluation is quarterback Case Keenum, who has severely underwhelmed in year one.

From the turnovers to lackluster explosiveness in the passing game, Keenum’s statistics rival 2017’s version of Trevor Siemian, just at a much higher price tag.

Broncos Blitz podcast host Ronnie Kohrt dives into the idea of Denver bringing in help at quarterback in the form of current Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.

The Ravens would ideally like to trade Flacco and get compensation in return, however it’s also reported that the Ravens will honor Flacco’s interests when it comes to where Flacco wants to go. There is no knowledge if Flacco would or would not be interested in Denver.

That said, Flacco’s contract is a massive one. Cutting him would result in the veteran quarterback receiving a very nice golden parachute out the door from Baltimore, while being able to choose the team he prefers in free agency. Retaining him as a back-up would be asinine at the price tag, so he will be available at some point.

There are several teams that could be linked to Flacco, including Miami, Jacksonville, New York and Washington, just to name a few. Kohrt breaks down why Flacco would be a good or bad move for Denver and how Flacco could end up on the Broncos.

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