We interrupt this NFL-favorite, feel-good, “Cam’s the Man!” story with a simple reminder.

The Denver Broncos own Cam Newton.

One might think that a road matchup against Bill Belichick might not be so good for a 1-3 football team with a (barely) second-year quarterback. After all, Belichick doesn’t lose to rookie quarterbacks at Gillette Stadium. Technically, Drew Lock is not a rookie, but he headed to New England with only seven NFL games on his resume – none of them coming against Belichick, a master at confusing quarterbacks young and old.

Then again, Belichick now employs Newton, who doesn’t stand a chance against the Broncos.

Before the Denver game, the Patriots were averaging 29 points per game with Newton under center. Everyone knows – and loves – the story. The former Panther was left for dead last season, and Belichick scooped him from the scrapheap, signing Newton for just over a measly million bucks. Whether one is a fan of Newton or not, his resurgence has highlighted the 2020 season. A career that once seemed bound for Canton was derailed during Super Bowl 50 and Newton hasn’t been the same since; but he’s been phenomenal of late.

Until, the Broncos.

When Newton looks across the line and sees a sea of Broncos helmets, he surely can’t feel good. Sunday was another orange nightmare for Newton. The Broncos defense hit him eight times and sacked him four. Newton threw two interceptions, too, doubling his season total. Newton only managed 157 yards in the air and posted a horrific quarterback rating of 51.6. The Pats only managed to score 12 points.

Make it 0-4 versus Denver for Cam the Man.

How about this for a stat line: In four games against the Broncos, Newton has been sacked 20 times, fumbled four times, thrown six interceptions, had an average quarterback rating of 62.6 and led his team to just 14 points per game.

Newton has been Superman against most of the NFL. But against the Broncos, he’s anything but super, man. Denver undoubtedly serves as his kryptonite.

In what will go down as one of the strangest two-week stretches in Broncos history – an 18-day stretch to be exact – a win against the Patriots seemed unlikely. There was even an undercurrent that the Broncos were getting the short end of the stick with regard to the NFL’s safety procedures surrounding the game – delaying it meant that Newton had a better chance of playing instead of sitting out with a positive COVID-19 test as he did against the Chiefs the game before. The game was initially delayed by a day, then a whole week. Some felt that there was an incentive to reschedule just so that Newton could play.

Turns out, that’s exactly what the Broncos should have wanted.

When the Broncos need a win, it’s simple, just call on Cam.