Friday, February 22, 2019

High School Athlete of the Year: Dylan McCaffrey – Valor Christian

The third of four McCaffrey brothers has come and gone for the Eagles and left another indelible mark on Colorado big-school football.

Canton Bound: At long last, Terrell Davis heads into the Hall

It didn’t come as quickly as he would have liked, or as most felt he deserved, but Terrell Davis finally finished the longest run of his life.

What Happened in Eaton: The strange circumstances that led the town to say goodbye...

After 11 state championships over four decades, a curious series of events led to the firing of Eaton High School head baseball coach Jim Danley.

Transition Player: Denver East’s Daylen Kountz is tops in Colorado

A full season after his transfer from George Washington to Denver East, Daylen Kountz is right where he needs to be.

Mile High Sports on Denver 8: Wall to Wall Football

We look back on the Denver Broncos' victory in Super Bowl 50 and look ahead to a new season for the Colorado Rapids.

High School Athlete of the Year: The Finalists

Twenty-sixteen was a banner year in Colorado sports. These finalists for our High School Athlete of the Year award helped make it so.

17 Ways to Stomach a .500 Broncos Season: Win some, lose some, eat some,...

The football is not round; every team starts undefeated; August wisdom becomes January folly; the Broncos could be better – or worse – than the “experts” predict.

The Journey of Darryl Bootland: A meandering path leads a hockey lifer to Loveland

The term “journeyman” is all-too-frequently thrown around when describing well-traveled players, but few can stamp their names across so many rosters as Bootland

Tough Love: Chris Harris Jr. and his mother Lisa

Chris Harris Jr. is one of the toughest cornerbacks in the NFL, but facing elite wide receivers is nothing compared to the tough love from his mom, Lisa.

What (Also) Happened in Eaton: A response from the other side

In an effort to facilitate a continued dialogue on the topic, Mile High Sports agreed to publish the following letter, unedited, about Jim Danley's firing as head baseball coach at Eaton High School.