Elway has no one left to blame for poor drafts

With John Fox and his staff taking the fall for failing to develop young talent John Elway now has all of the pressure on him to deliver in the draft

Manning ready and willing to learn a new system

Gary Kubiak and Peyton Manning took time to talk to the media Tuesday and they both stated that they are ready to learn and compromise in the pursuit of success

Broncos release DE Quanterus Smith

The Denver Broncos have waived defensive end Quarters Smith who was a 2013 in the fifth-round draft pick out of Western Kentucky
Denver Broncos should be targeting

Three things the Broncos must do in the draft

The 2015 NFL Draft is fast approaching and while the mock drafts are flying around the football world, the Broncos need to stick to three simple plans

Demaryius Thomas is getting a raw deal

John Elway needs to stop pulling the loyalty card with players if he isn't going to show them any loyalty back. It needs to be a two-way street in Denver

John Elway excitedly talks about the 2015 NFL Draft

John Elway enthusiastically covered strategy, positions of interest and the 'war room' of the NFL draft Thursday while also commenting on his absent play-maker

The Broncos schedule sets up well

The NFL released the full schedule on Tuesday and Denver's schedule sets up nicely, here are five gut reactions to the Broncos schedule

Vasquez is excited for a new system and his old position

Louis Vasquez spoke to the media Wednesday and the former All-Pro is looking forward to a fresh start in a new system while also returning to his strengths

Reading the Broncos draft tea leaves

It appears that all of the early signs point to the Denver Broncos using their first round pick in 2015 to grab an offensive linemen

NFL releases the Broncos' 2015 schedule

There is always something to look forward to in the NFL and wedged in between free agency and the draft is the announcement of the Broncos' schedule