Current Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins will be the hottest name on the free-agent market, and CBS Sports’ Amy Trask says that the Broncos will make “goo goo eyes” at Cousins for a reason — landing him could certainly catapult the Broncos into immediate contention for the AFC West crown.

Trask, the former CEO of the Oakland Raiders, has watched her former team reload with $100-million head coach Jon Gruden and witnessed the Kansas City Chiefs give a lot of thought to going forward with young, hotshot quarterback quarterback Patrick Mahomes and moving on from veteran Alex Smith. Knowing that the division will change quite a bit, Trask feels that Denver has a shot at the AFC West title next year — if they make the right moves.

“I think next year, the AFC West is absolutely up for grabs,” Trask said to Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of Mile High Sports AM 1340 | FM 104.7. “Any of the four teams in it have an equal chance to seize the division.”


Regarding the Broncos’ quarterback search, the former Oakland chief executive discussed the potential of somehow adding Smith; agreeing that he’d be a potential fit, but adding, “I can’t believe the Chiefs want to see this happen.”

“The Broncos do need to address the quarterback situation; I’ve actually said on our CBS Sports pregame show before that [Week 17] game at the end of the season: I think some people on the Broncos’ sidelines will be making ‘goo goo eyes’ — that’s a very techincal football term, ‘goo goo eyes’ — at Kirk Cousins,” Trask said. “But he’ll be in demand elsewhere, as well.”

Asked to compare the 29-year old Cousins — who might make $30 million per year — and the the 33-year old Alex Smith, who might command far less, Trask said that her instinct suggested Cousins, even with the hefty price tag — but that might not be the best choice for the Broncos at this time.

“I’d always rather have the younger quarterback, all things being equal. But if the Broncos either: a) believe that any of the quarterbacks on the roster now have some hope in the future, or b) if they go out and draft yet another young quarterback, one could make a really good argument that you spend the lesser amount, bring Alex Smith in — who really and truly has proven himself, over the course of his career, willing to be a mentor,” Trask said. “I don’t love that word, but let’s say, willing to assist a younger quarterback in coming along.”

“So, it sort of depends on what you see as your long-term future,” Trask said. “If you’re looking to bring someone in who’s a veteran and you could have for umpteen years, then age matters — more than if you’re looking for someone to help bring along someone young.”

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