Denver Broncos head coach Vance Joseph has been very clear that the duo of Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian are going to split reps evenly in training camp. This split not only provides an even assessment of the quarterbacks, but it also provides an interesting challenge for defensive backs. Those defensive backs certainly plan to return the favor.

All-Pro defensive back Chris Harris met with the media after the second day of training camp and talked about the differences he sees between the two quarterbacks.

“Paxton, he can kind of run and he has that running dynamic to him so when we see running quarterbacks. I don’t know if we’ve got as many this year as we’ve had in the past,” Harris explained. “Then you see the pocket passer with Trevor and you get two different looks. Even the throwing motion. Trevor kind of has a Brett Favre, sling it type of throw so you get a different look definitely in how their balls are.”

When asked about his assessment of the two battling signal-callers so far, Harris stayed noncommittal.

“I’d say they’re pretty up and down right now. I think they’d both say they’ve started a little slow. It’s hard because they’re going against us and we’re the top secondary in the league. We’re not going to make it easy for them,” Harris said. “I think as camp goes on, they’ll continue to get better and I think the preseason games is really when you’re going to see who’s going to stand out and be that number one quarterback.”

The defense in Denver has been elite for a while, and facing two different types of quarterback every day should only continue that trend. And facing the best secondary in football will only make the young signal-callers better.