Trade rumors were flying yesterday in the world of Denver Nuggets basketball. Reports circulated that the Nuggets were quietly asking about Emmanuel Mudiay‘s trade value and that Wilson Chandler reportedly wanted out of Denver.

The rumors had the realm of Nuggets basketball in a frenzy; however, at the team’s shootaround Friday morning head coach Michael Malone cleared the air on the situation.

Malone on Chandler:

“I dismiss the report as BS, if you will, which you get a lot of this time of year,” Malone said via ESPN. “I’ve never heard anything close to that (trade request) from Wilson.”

“Obviously, there’s a lot of noise,” Malone said. “Not just Wilson…different things this time of year for all NBA teams. The trade deadline is right around the corner. I think agents are behind a lot of that stuff, but Wilson has never said anything close to that.”

Malone later went to explain how Chandler is currently having a career year, saying that someone having a career year while being upset with role doesn’t make sense.

Chandler’s name has been dangled in trade rumors for the better part of a year now; however, no credible information has come to light that suggests Wilson or the Nuggets want to part ways.

After shootaround, Chandler spoke with Christopher Dempsey of the Denver Post to give his side of the story.

Chandler was short and sweet with his answer about wanting to be traded, saying that he wants more consistency.

This is completely fair for a guy who’s having a career year while bouncing around from the starting five and the bench unit.

Chandler is averaging 15.4 points and 6.7 rebounds per contest so far this year.

Malone on Mudiay: 

“Emmanuel’s a big part of our future,” Malone said. “Tim Connelly’s not actively shopping Emmanuel Mudiay. That’s just not accurate, it’s not fair, and Emmanuel knows that.”

The initial report on Mudiay was a little bit hazy, and Malone’s answer further stamps the fact that the report may have been a little too far out in left field.

While Mudiay has been a disappointment so far in his career, the organization still maintains the belief that Mudiay will eventually develop into the point guard he was envisioned to be.

The Nuggets would be wise to explore Mudiay’s value just in case their faith in his ability to progress slips. Nevertheless, Mudiay is still just in his second year in the league, and with the upside still showing in spurts the team will surely try to ride things out with the Congo Kid.

Mudiay is averaging 12.1 points and 4.2 assists per game.

So, it seems like nothing too serious is expected on the Nuggets trade front regarding Chandler and Mudiay; however, a lot can change between now and the leagues February 23rd trade deadline.