Just before the start of July, Athlon Sports released an article that featured a statement from an anonymous Pac-12 coach, who called the Colorado Buffaloes’ hiring of Coach Prime a lose-lose scenario.

“Either he’s gonna be really good really fast and leave for another gig, which, looking at that roster doesn’t seem possible,” the anonymous coach said. “The alternative is that they’re gonna be bad and they’ll end up firing him in a big circus.”

“Jackson State was so good because they could get FBS-level guys and beat on FCS rosters. That won’t happen here. They’re not a good roster right now. How does he handle losing big? We haven’t seen that.”

Any scenario that includes Coach Prime as a one-and-done coach in Boulder seems very far fetched, and as a result, the Colorado Buffaloes head coach was quick to fire back via social media.

“This is the dumbest thing I’ve almost ever seen and the only reason I said aalmost is because I’m giving y’all time to top this stupidity,” Prime responded via Instagram comment. “‘We Coming’ and (you) know it.”

While Coach Prime could potentially leave Boulder after this season, it would take either an unbelievable one-year turnaround or an insane off-field issue. The turnaround is certainly a possibility, but it seems more likely than not that CU’s staff will stay intact for 2024.