Earlier this week, Colorado Rockies general manager Jeff Bridich admitted that the team was keeping tabs on the market for free agent outfielder/first baseman Mark Trumbo, though signing the slugger was not a priority.

Now, in light of new information, it should be.

According to Ken Rosenthal, Trumbo is now willing to accept a three-year deal worth between $40-50 million. If I’m running the Rockies, I jump at that deal.

After watching Ian Desmond transition from shortstop to the outfield, I believe that he could play virtually anywhere on the diamond and be successful. That being said, playing him at first base represents a large and unnecessary risk.

Trumbo has played plenty of first in his career and represents the power bat from the position that Colorado lacked last season. Despite playing in a hitter-friendly park, the Rockies only had 18 home runs from first basemen, which was the worst mark in the National League.

Enter Mark Trumbo.

The 30-year-old Trumbo hit a league-leading 47 home runs last season. Now, imagine what he would do at Coors Field. The Blake Street Bombers would be back instantaneously.

Sure, the Rockies want to shore up their pitching. That makes sense. It is however, the wrong approach.

The Rockies have tried to bring in plenty of pitchers. Denny Neagle, Mike Hampton and Bret Saberhagen immediately come to mind. Whether it be due to the thin Mile High mountain air, a mental stigma or just bad luck, it doesn’t work out.

The Rockies need to embrace who they are. The are and always have been an offensive club. That’s okay. It’s time for the Monforts to open up their checkbook and find a way to get Trumbo in purple pinstripes.