Colorado State is ready to play some football.

With the annual Green and Gold Spring Game in their sights, the Rams began their fifth and final week of spring practice on Tuesday afternoon.

While it’d be easy for the Rams to lose focus as both spring camp and the school year winds down, Colorado State head coach Mike Bobo has one goal in mind for his team as they embark on the final week of spring practice.

“To have the best week of practice in the country,” Bobo said following Tuesday’s practice. “Not the best week of practice for us of spring practice, but the best week in the country this week. That’s what I’m looking at.”

According to running back Izzy Matthews, Saturday’s game will make the wear-and-tear of the spring all worth it.

“It’s definitely been a grind but it’s all been leading up to this Saturday,” Matthews said. “Everyone has been excited. Everyone spirits are still high. We’re still flying around, still really aggressive, still really into it.”

When the Rams take the field on Saturday, everyone will have their eye on something different. For Matthews, he’ll be keeping an eye on a few things.

“It”s gonna be nice to see how the younger guys play,” Matthews said. “Our defense, they’re not as experienced as they’ve been in the past, to see how they step up in more of a game like situation. Then we’re going to have a lot of good reps for our younger backs to see what they can do. That’s where I think it’s really going to see how much experience we’ve gained with the younger guys going forward.”

After a tough beginning to the spring, all eyes will be on the defense on Saturday.

“I’m excited for it,” cornerback Kevin Nutt Jr. said.  “The way that we’ve improved over the course of the spring, everybody is starting to play more together and they’re starting to be a lot of energy created on our side of the ball which is helping us preform well.”

According to Nutt, he wants to see effort out of his side of the ball come Saturday.

“I’m just looking for everybody to go head and finish, give it all they’ve got,” Nutt said. “I just want to see everybody perform to their full potential and have a good spring game.”

“I want to go out and see who can play and who can make plays without the coaches around them,” Bobo said of his expectations of his team on Saturday. “Let ’em loose. Play kind of base on offense and defense and see who’s going to make some plays.”

While Bobo, Matthews and Nutt all are looking for different things out of their team when the Rams take the field on Saturday, wide receiver Michael Gallup will be looking for something else.

“Shoot,” Gallup said.  “Stay healthy. Everybody needs to stay healthy.”