D.J. Augustin leaves Denver for the Orlando Magic

Denver Nuggets

One of Denver’s key pieces down the stretch of last year’s Nuggets season, D.J. Augustin, has decided to take his talents to Orlando, where he’ll join the up-and-coming Magic organization.

Augustin’s departure isn’t much of a surprise. While he played some great basketball for the Nuggets, there wasn’t much of a long-term role for him with the organization, and with Jameer Nelson still signed on for two more years, the role of veteran guard was already filled.

You have to wonder, though, if the Nuggets would have been better served moving Nelson this offseason and signing Augustin. It would have been a more-expensive option, but it’s hard to deny that Augustin was a more-productive player last season — plus, he’s five years younger.

Nelson (39 games): 26.6 minutes; 7.7 points; 4.9 assists; 2.9 rebounds; 30% three-point shooting

Augustin (28 games): 23.5 minutes; 11.6 points; 4.7 assists; 1.9 rebounds; 41% three-point shooting

Either way, with Emmanuel Mudiay and Jamal Murray in the picture, we’re likely talking about the Nuggets’ third option at point guard.