C’mon, guys! Don’t you know Broncos Country is freaking out right now? We have eight Super Bowl starters entering free agency, and every teeny tiny bit of news that insinuates we’re going to lose just one of them sends us into a panic …

So, Danny Trevathan, why would you do this to us?

The Vikings! But how? Free agency hasn’t even started. Are you just leaving us high and dry?

Oh … wait. The show …

I wasn’t the only one to get fooled, though.


There were plenty more just like that, too. And listen, I get it. Danny can’t be forced to cater to the fragile feelings of his fan base; if he wants to tweet “Vikings!!!!!!!,” he has every right to do so.

I cannot say the same for Brandon Marshall, who dropped this little bomb on Monday night.


Again, what?? How, Brandon, do you explain this one? As far as I know, there’s no TV show called “Unemployed,” and the message you’re giving off is that you are now, uh, unemployed.


L.O.L. indeed …

Trevathan may have been woefully ignorant of how his words came across, but trust me, Marshall was not. He knew the panic he’d create, and to me, it sure seems like he enjoyed it.

Just look at his reaction to Trevathan’s tweet a few days earlier:



Well, props to you guys. With two one-word tweets, you managed to put more stress on Broncos Country than the whole team managed to do this season.

Still … Come back!