It’s go time, Gary. Like it or not, the Denver Broncos need a starting quarterback.

We’re three exhibition games and a training camp into the the Broncos season, and the reigning Super Bowl champions still have no idea who’s going to line up under center Week 1 against the Carolina Panthers. Everyone understands that it’s a tough decision, especially Gary Kubiak, but there’s no more waiting; let’s pick our guy, build around him and get a move on.

“I’ve got a lot of work to do,” Kubiak said following Saturday night’s game. “I’m going to make a decision this week, I told you guys that. I’m going to do that. At the same time, I have a lot of things going on. I’ll take my time here and do it the right way. We’ll meet as a staff and go from there.”

It’s not an easy decision. Do you go with Mark Sanchez’s experience? Trevor Siemian’s stability? Paxton Lynch’s upside?

Make the wrong decision and Kubiak could be throwing away the Broncos’ chances of repeating before they can even start.

“I have to continue this evaluation process and decide what I think is best for the team,” Kubiak said. “You all asked me that question about experience [and] it’s really hard for me to answer. I have two of them that have no experience. That’s just the way it is. We have young guys at that position. They’ve been battling and I think they’re getting better. Like I said, I have to sit down and decide what I think is best for our group and we’ll go to work.”

At this point, the easy answer would be Siemian. He started the last two games for the Broncos, and while he didn’t look great (it’s debatable whether he even looked good), he’s shown signs, and he feels like he’s earned the job.

“I do,” Siemian said on if he feels like he’s done enough to win the job, “but again that is not my call. Whatever happens, I’ll try to be the best teammate I can be.”

The Broncos will finish off their preseason this Thursday against the the Arizona Cardinals, before kicking off the regular season a week later.

Whether the organization is ready or not, it’s time to pick a quarterback.