If you think this Broncos team doesn’t care about winning more than anything else, then you’re just wrong. For this team, there’s only one goal on their mind, and that’s to be the best.

They will go out kicking and screaming.

That much was evidenced last night, as the Broncos overcame their third 14-point deficit of the season against a playoff team (most in NFL history) to secure a playoff spot and put themselves in the driver’s seat for a first-round bye. You can call it Mile High Magic or just an unwillingness to give up, but the Broncos showed something special last night.

If that wasn’t clear from watching the game, then maybe DeMarcus Ware‘s actions after it will do the trick.


That may seem like an innocent, even expected, move by Ware, but it’s not often that an 11-year veteran feels the need to keep a ball he recovered during a regular season game; he’s had plenty of those.

It goes to show how much that game and that play meant to Ware, the defense and the Denver Broncos franchise. As he said after the game, “Nobody was stopping me from getting that fumble.”


This team has faced a lot of adversity this season — injuries, collapses, drama — but they’ve stayed strong throughout; the Denver Broncos undoubtedly have a championship mentality.