Football season is back, and so is daily fantasy.

Every week, we’ll be breaking down each position, giving you the information you’ll need to select the best daily fantasy team you can on Sunday.

Today, it’s the wide receivers (all prices courtesy of DraftKings):

DraftKings’ Top-10 Wide Receivers for Week 1:

  1. Antonio Brown ($9,800)
  2. Julio Jones ($9,400)
  3. Odell Beckham Jr. ($9,300)
  4. DeAndre Hopkins ($8,800)
  5. Dez Bryant ($8,400)
  6. A.J. Green ($8,400)
  7. Allen Robinson ($8,300)
  8. Keenan Allen ($8,000)
  9. Alshon Jeffery ($7,900)
  10. Brandon Marshall ($7,800)

Best Value: Amari Cooper ($7,200)

If you’re looking for someone who could end up finishing inside the top five at a top-20 price, Amari Cooper is your guy.

The New Orleans Saints have had one of the worst defenses in the league for several years, and it doesn’t look to be getting better any time soon. If Cooper doesn’t finish with one of the best games of his young career, I’d be surprised.

Most Overpriced: A.J. Green ($8,400)

A.J. Green is A.J. Green, so he’s going to put up numbers, but I’m definitely worried about his upside.

Darrell Revis may not be the best cornerback in the NFL anymore, but he’s still a really good cover guy, and after an offseason of rest and healing, I’d expect him to be better now than he was at any point during the second half of last season.

Not to mention, I’m not entirely convinced Andy Dalton isn’t primed to turn back into a pumpkin. It’d be one thing if it was Aaron Rodgers, but with Dalton making his return against Revis Island, I’d be nervous to put down a lot of my budget on A.J. Green.

Injury Corner: Julio Jones ($9,400)

Julio Jones is going to play this weekend, but it’s not too clear whether he’ll be 100 percent.

After injuring his ankle against the Dolphins back on August 26, Jones didn’t return to practice until Monday, and that’s about par for the course for him. While he rarely misses a game, Jones is prone to injury.

His matchup against the Buccaneers is a good one, so you might want him in the lineup, but if reports start creeping out that he’s dealing with a little more than a minor ankle tweak, you might consider allocating your budget elsewhere.

Broncos Spotlight: Demaryius Thomas ($7,000) Emmanuel Sanders ($5,700)

Here’s what you need to know about the Denver Broncos wideouts on Thursday: They’re going against two rookie cornerbacks.

Now, yes, the Panthers defense is great, and with that front-seven, they’ll be making life miserable for Trevor Siemian all night, but with two All-Pro wideouts on the outside, if the Broncos line can hold up long enough for Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders to shake loose a couple youngsters, there could be a few big plays in their future.

If I’m placing one of them in my lineup, though, it’s Emmanuel Sanders. I could see the two having similar stat lines, and at that price, Sanders is well worth it.

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