Last year Demaryius Thomas had an off year by his standards, but he is determined to come back this year better than ever.

Broncos fans criticized last year’s Broncos offense as being a below average unit and Thomas took the blame in being a large part of their struggles last season.

“They come down on us a little bit, especially me with my drops,” Thomas told Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of Afternoon Drive on Mile High Sports AM 1340 | FM 104.7. “I tend to let it bother me a little, but I’m over it now. That was last year and I’m going to come out and have a better year this year for sure.”

Thomas was sixth in the NFL in 2015 with nine dropped passes. Some of those were in key situations, which is why that stat resonates so much with Thomas and Broncos fans. However, Thomas was seventh in the NFL in receptions and receiving yards. To any other player a year like that would be exceptional. That has to comfort Denver fans a little bit, that a receiver calls being in the top 10 in the NFL in two major receiving categories an off year.

AFTERNOON DRIVE LIVE STREAMNeither of the quarterbacks that fed Thomas all those receptions in 2015 will be back this year, but Thomas thinks any of the three quarterbacks battling for the starting spot will fit in perfectly, especially Mark Sanchez.

“He’s older, he’s mature, he knows the game, he has been in this offense,” said Thomas. “Us guys as receivers, running backs and tight ends are getting open and he delivers the ball.”

Sanchez is the oldest quarterback on the roster and by far has the most experience of the three, which isn’t hard considering Paxton Lynch is a rookie and Trevor Siemian’s only NFL play was a kneel down last year.

After a long day of traveling to the White House the Broncos had to get back to work Tuesday and the relationship between Thomas and Sanchez has only become stronger.

“I think today was our best day in the past four to five weeks,” said Thomas. “We had a five-day weekend, a long plane ride yesterday, and to come out and do what we did today it was big.”

Hopefully Sanchez and Thomas will be able to become a power duo like Steve Young and Jerry Rice or Brett Farve and Antonio Freeman, or more recent in Broncos fans memory Peyton Manning and Demaryius Thomas.

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