A wise man once said every little story has to fit a big narrative.

Or something like that.

It’s hard to pinpoint when “narrative” became such a favorite word of the sports media, but it’s hotter than Hansel right now.

Everyone has a narrative. Therefore everyone needs to spin something to fit their narrative.

With Broncos training camp less than a week away get ready to fire up the narrative oven. The takes are going to be hot and every portion of practice open to the media and the public will be analyzed and over-analyzed time and time again, specifically to fit a narrative.

But be careful. A narrative is just that, a spin that media members want to create for their own sake or a storyline that fans are expected to grab onto, therefore making it easy content for media to either write about online or talk about over the local airwaves.

So, with that in mind, let’s dive into 11 narratives you’re sure to see throughout camp, but with a twist. I’ll offer the narrative, but also a media truth translator: What you’ll read or hear ad nauseam the next month and what it actually means.

Narrative No. 1: Demaryius Thomas looks refocused and ready to bounce back from a down 2015!

Media Truth Translator No. 1: We just saw DT catch three passes in a row and the Broncos really need him to be better this year.

Narrative No. 2: C.J. Anderson looks really comfortable in year two of Gary Kubiak’s offense!

Media Truth Translator No. 2: We watched Anderson break two long runs and are pretty sure he needs to have a big season after the Broncos overpaid him.

Narrative No. 3: Trevor Siemian very well might be the best QB on this roster!

Media Truth Translator No. 3: There are two very mediocre QBs on this roster and one rookie, so let’s tout the dark horse with a strong arm to try to be edgy.

Narrative No. 4: The Broncos re-made offensive line appears like it will be a lot better this season!

Media Truth Translator No. 4: Last year’s offensive line was a dumpster fire, so the mere fact there are four new starters must be a good thing.

Narrative No. 5: Jeff Heuerman looks great and appears to be the favorite to land the Broncos starting tight end job!

Media Truth Translator No. 5: After tearing his ACL in one of his first-ever practices this guy is jacked as all hell and the Broncos are desperate at tight end.

Narrative No. 6: Von Miller looks a little slow and off-kilter after not being here all offseason!

Media Truth Translator No. 6: We’re pretty jealous Von partied his ass off this spring, and we didn’t like chasing that story for four and a half months.

Narrative No. 7: Shane Ray appears ready to take the next step and have a big sophomore season!

Media Truth Translator No. 7: Ray just blew past a tackling dummy, and DeMarcus Ware probably won’t be healthy this year, so Ray better make a leap.

Narrative No. 8: The Broncos rookie safeties are really making a push to be Nos. 3 and 4 on the depth chart!

Media Truth Translator No. 8: Considering their competition is Shiloh Keo, they damn well better slot in there on the depth chart.

Narrative No. 9: Aqib Talib looks just fine after getting shot this offseason!

Media Truth Translator No. 9: Rather than figure out if Talib shot himself or was shot by someone else, we’re just glad he’s out there running.

Narrative No. 10: The Broncos better start saving money to pay Bradley Roby!

Media Truth Translator No. 10: Our favorite thing to do is talk about the next player John Elway must start saving money for to pay down the road.

Narrative No. 11: It’s just training camp, so we really can’t be sure about any of this!

Media Truth Translator No. 11: It’s just training camp, so we really can’t be sure about any of this.