The Denver Broncos have announced their list of gameday inactives ahead of this morning’s matchup against the Houston Texans. Which players will not be suiting up for today’s game and which players were elevated from the practice squad?

Denver Broncos nearing kickoff vs. Houston Texans

The Broncos will kick off against the Texans in just under 90 minutes in what is expected to be a playoff atmosphere with much at stake for both teams.

On Saturday, the Broncos elevated tight end Lucas Krull and quarterback Ben DiNucci from the practice squad for today’s game. Krull will see his second activation of the season after he appeared in Denver’s win against the Buffalo Bills.

In a game where the Texans’ defense allows opposing offenses to accumulate yardage through the air, Krull becomes a potential wildcard to watch for in today’s game. Not only does he possess 6’6 height, but he possesses elusive speed for his size.

DiNucci was a surprise gameday elevation, considering that Russell Wilson and Jarrett Stidham are fully healthy. For him to be elevated and then listed as inactive was an interesting move that we’ll likely not receive any clarity on.

Broncos gameday inactives vs. Texans

The following players have been listed as inactive for today’s game against the Texans.

  • Center Alex Forsyth
  • Safety JL Skinner
  • Defensive lineman Elijah Garcia
  • Outside linebacker Ronnie Perkins
  • Fullback/Tight End Nate Adkins
  • Outside linebacker Thomas Incoom
  • Quarterback Ben DiNucci

With the elevation of Krull, it makes sense that Adkins is listed as inactive this week. Forsyth, Skinner, Garcia and Incoom have been consistent gameday inactives this season.

After playing quite a bit after his arrival to Denver from New England, Perkins has become inactive the past few weeks. On top of that, the emergence of rookie linebacker Drew Sanders working into the edge rusher rotation opposite of Nik Bonitto is another reason for Perkins being listed as inactive.

The Broncos will kick things off here shortly against the Texans on CBS.