The Denver Broncos defense had a plan on Sunday: contain Julio Jones and the Atlanta Falcons passing attack.

Well, they accomplished the first, holding Jones to just 29 yards on two receptions, but they weren’t able to stop the passing game entirely, as the Falcons’ backfield duo of Tevin Coleman and Devontae Freeman combined for seven receptions for 167 yards and a touchdown.

Atlanta found a weak point in the Denver defense, and they exploited it. The Broncos linebackers, both Todd Davis and Brandon Marshall, were outmatched, and they weren’t able to recover before it was too late.

That said, the defense isn’t worried about another team exploiting them in the same way.

“Other offensive coordinators better have No. 26 (Coleman), who ran a 4.3 coming out of college, which they don’t,” Aqib Talib told Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of Afternoon Drive. “That was the difference.”

To hear more from Talib on how the defense will bounce back, check out the podcast below …

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