Jordan Norwood‘s career has gotten off to a slow start. At 29, to have just 58 career receptions and still be garnering the attention of NFL franchises is a bit of a shock, but Norwood has earned it.

After bouncing around between the Eagles and Browns his first few years in the league, Norwood went two seasons without notching a single snap on the football field. Then, with the Broncos in 2015, Norwood had arguably the best season of his career, grabbing 22 receptions and giving the Broncos a major boost in Super Bowl 50 with a 61-yard punt return, a Super Bowl record.

Now, after testing the market for a few weeks, Norwood and the Broncos have agreed to continue their relationship.

And Norwood is excited to help this franchise on its journey for back-to-back titles.

Going forward, Norwood will likely continue in his role as returner, but the real payoff will come if he can turn into a quality slot receiver. He’s got the talent, and if he can find a way to complement Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders on the outside, this receiving corps could become very dangerous, no matter who’s at quarterback.

Welcome back, Jordan!