The Denver Broncos officially wrapped up their offseason program on Thursday at the Centura Training Center in Dove Valley. After weeks of intense work that featured strength and conditioning, countless team and position meetings, and on-field work — players will now have some time off before having to report back near mid-July for training camp.

Thursday’s practice concludes Denver Broncos offseason program

One observation throughout the Denver Broncos offseason program has been Sean Payton’s attention to detail. A large perception regarding coaching is perceived as calling plays, but the game of football is so intricate and complex. Payton understands this complexity and values the teaching aspect of being a coach.

One challenge surrounding the off-season is managing a roster of 90 players and ensuring that a large portion of them understand the ‘why’ behind everything they do. Whether that comes in individual drills, group periods, or even the Broncos team period, Payton puts the microscope on every little detail that will help turn the Broncos back into a winning franchise.

Payton met with local media on Thursday morning and shared his thoughts on how the team has attacked the offseason program and how he hopes players maintain their progress even as they prepare to have some off time.

“We use a lot of analogies,” Payton said. “It’s that time away with the science of how quickly you can [regress] or move backwards by even seven days away from lifting and running. It’s a chance for everyone to mentally get away from the structure of certain times. Yet, I think these guys understand there has been a large investment here this offseason and it can escape us pretty quickly. I’ll be specific for you. We are climbing a mountain. Now, I don’t know a lot about climbing mountains, but our owner does. [Owner & CEO] Greg Penner has climbed [five] of the tallest peaks in the world and there is a process involved in that—weeks and months. The descent down can take place in a day and a half or two days. There is a simple picture of the Rocky Mountains with a little ‘X’ on it that says, ‘Base camp.’ In other words, this is kind of where we are at right now. I don’t know if it’s halfway up, but it doesn’t matter. The point is, this is where base camp is right now, and we can’t afford on this journey to decide to hang out at base camp for two weeks or go backwards. You have to acclimate and then continue to—one or the other is happening.”

Each player has their own custom strength program and plan that will help them continue to build on what they’ve established dating back to the team’s strength and conditioning program. Ultimately, Payton was pleased with the progress his team has made since he’s stepped into the role as head coach.

Samaje Perine returns to practice
After leaving Wednesday’s practice favoring his right thumb, Broncos running back Samaje Perine was seen at practice today with tape on his thumb, indicating that he’s just fine as Payton alluded to on Wednesday.

When it comes to injury updates, Payton has expressed that he won’t go into great detail about a player’s specific injury, but will share what he can that doesn’t give away the specifics to what any player is dealing with.

“I’m going to say this really quick—and I appreciate the question,” Payton said when asked about an update on Perine. “When I talked about [RB] Samaje [Perine’s] bruised thumb, that’s probably as in depth as I will ever go on injures. You can ask the question, though. I don’t want you to not ask the question. I’m just forewarning you of the response. Go ahead.”

Two players who have not been actively available during the organized team activities and mandatory minicamp have been wide receiver Marvin Mims and linebacker Drew Sanders. Despite not physically doing much on the field, Payton said that he was pleased with the progress they’ve made from a mental standpoint.

“No, I think they’re both real sharp mentally,” Payton said. “We have real good early glimpses of them, and they’re quickly healing.”

It’s unclear whether or not Sanders or Mims have a specific timeline to return from whatever ailment they’re dealing with, but Payton didn’t sound too concerned about there being anything that lingers going into training camp.

Could the Broncos make any personnel moves before training camp?
Denver’s 90-man roster is firm at the moment, but it wouldn’t come as a surprise if there were any personnel moves made by the team between now and the start of training camp. So much is contingent upon team needs internally and based on moves some of the other teams around the league may make.

In light of the revelation surrounding Baron Browning’s injury and potential timeline, there are several players available right now on the free agency market including Yannick Ngakoue and Justin Houston. At this point, the Broncos seem intent on moving forward with Randy Gregory, new addition Frank Clark, Jonathon Cooper, Aaron Patrick, Nik Bonitto, Christopher Allen, Marcus Haynes, and Thomas Incoom at outside linebacker.

“I would say that’s a fair question,” Payton said in response to whether or not the team would have interest in any free agents going into training camp. “We had a meeting last night—the last personnel meeting before we get back here for training camp. We discussed areas. I don’t want to use the term ‘where we are thin,’ but here’s where we’re heavy relative to the current 90-man roster. Here’s where we might be a tick light. This might be what we’re looking for. I would say that exists 365 days a year. It didn’t used to, but it does now.”

It’s possible that something comes up and Denver looks to make a move for any potential prospect, but the general vibe from Payton is that the team is comfortable with where they are at, for now, heading into training camp.

What’s next? The Denver Broncos will be back on the field presumably mid to late July for the start of training camp.