Things haven’t exactly been great for the Denver Broncos in the first half. They’re winning, yes, but four first-half turnovers have allowed a struggling Chargers team to remain in the game, despite being doubled up by the Broncos in terms of total yards.

After a quick three and out near the end of the second quarter, the fans at Sports Authority made sure to express their disappointment.

It should be noted, though, that at the time, not only were the Broncos winning the game, but they held the No. 1 seed in the AFC. So, Broncos fans, what exactly were you booing about?

I can understand that four turnovers are frustrating, but Broncos fans should be better than that. It’s one thing to boo when you’re the New York Jets throwing away a playoff spot during a loss to Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills; it’s a whole other thing to boo the AFC’s No. 1 seed when they’re actually winning the football game.

Please, Denver, take a second to breathe; there are about 30 other fan bases that wish they were in this position.