DENVER, CO — The Denver Broncos will kick off Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs in just under 90 minutes in snowy conditions. Which players will be inactive for today’s game?

Denver Broncos bracing for snowy game vs. Kansas City

Christmas came early in the form of snow for today’s matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs. While a winter wonderland is expected to be the theme for today’s game, the Denver Broncos are also hoping they can snap the 16 game losing streak against the Chiefs.

Prior to kickoff, the following players were listed as gameday inactives.

  • Center Alex Forsyth
  • Safety JL Skinner
  • Outside linebacker Thomas Incoom
  • Defensive tackle Keondre Coburn
  • Defensive lineman Elijah Garcia

Forsyth and Skinner have been consistent gameday inactives as this season looks more and more like a redshirt year for them.

With Baron Browning’s return to the lineup and outside linebacker rotation, Incoom goes back to being inactive.

For the second consecutive week, Coburn is a gameday inactive after the team claimed him off of waivers from the Chiefs. Garcia joins him as a DNP.

Patrick Mahomes dealing with the flu, expected to play vs. Broncos

Early on Sunday morning, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes popped up on the injury report with what the Chiefs are saying is the flu.

Despite having the flu, Mahomes is expected to play this afternoon vs. the Broncos. With this popping up, nothing will change with the Broncos gameplan defensively, and they’ll still likely receive his best looks.

One of the bigger keys today for Denver is continuing to get off the field on third down and holding up against opposing offenses in the red zone. In Denver’s first game against Kansas City, the Broncos’ defense held the Chiefs to 4-of-13 on third down and held them to one touchdown.

If Denver can find ways to fluster Mahomes and bow the pocket this afternoon, they’ll have a decent chance at generating opportunities defensively, but everything will boil down to how Russell Wilson and the Broncos offense performs.