This may be a first.

Last week, the Denver Broncos signed Josh Bush to help sure up the Broncos safety position after T.J. Ward went down with an ankle injury. Totally to be expected, and Bush even had a pretty impactful game last weekend, helping to force a big fumble on Chargers wide receiver Malcolm Floyd.

But apparently, fifth-year safety Shiloh Keo felt the Broncos and Wade Phillips made the wrong decision, and he let the 68-year-old coach know … on Twitter.

Now, if you know anything about Wade Phillips, you’ll know that he’s not your normal 68-year-old man when it comes to electronics and social media; he’s very adept on Twitter, and he responded in kind to Keo, who played under Phillips (A.K.A. @sonofbum) on Twitter.

Cool story, huh? Well, it gets even cooler, because the Broncos actually went and signed Keo off the scrap heap earlier today.

The Broncos obviously needed another safety in the building — Ward is already banged up and David Bruton came out of last weekend a little dinged up, too — but it’s hard to imagine Keo would have been the guy the Broncos called had it not been for his Twitter exchange with Phillips.

Keo was released by the Cincinnati Bengals before the start of the season, and has yet to grab another opportunity this season. But with the way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if Twitter really is becoming the best way to find a job.

Welcome to the Orange Crush, Keo!