The Denver Broncos were spectators for Tuesday’s NFL Trade Deadline as Sean Payton and the team proceed forward for their second half of the season.

Denver Broncos stand pat at NFL Trade Deadline

Broncos head coach Sean Payton has been firm on his stance that he’s moving forward with the players he has inside the locker room as he looks to build out his vision for the team.

What that vision is, isn’t quite clear to us in the media or the fanbase, but with Denver standing pat at the NFL Trade Deadline, Broncos Country will have to put their trust in him.

Payton reiterated his stance on Monday that he and the Broncos would listen to teams that call, but remained firm that he’s focused on the Buffalo Bills rather than the deadline itself.

“I wouldn’t look at it that way,” Payton said regarding fielding more trade calls with the team on a bye week. “Teams today and tomorrow—historically, you would say teams that feel like they’re in a good run and they feel like one piece can help them, we’ve typically seen the deals get done later in the process than earlier. We’re not openly—and I said this yesterday. We’re not openly or even remotely shopping anyone. People called? Sure, they have. Typically, the buyer wants the media to know they’ve called—not the seller. We’re preparing right now. I’ve got a Buffalo cut up that I’m going to look at. I’m going to look at the league’s touchdowns from yesterday, and I’m sure at some point, I’ll meet with [General Manager] George [Paton]. We’re looking at the next opponent. It’s a bye week, and then it’s a Monday night game, so the schedule changes a little. I don’t know—to answer your question—that it’s any different because we have a bye. I would say it’s probably the same. It’s just a matter of what those other teams deem important. It’s hard to predict that.”

While teams may have called and inquired, the Broncos either didn’t receive good enough offers or truly weren’t interested in making a move.

Broncos moving forward with Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy

Two players whose names were mentioned in trade rumors dating back to the offseason and leading up to the deadline are staying put. Wide receivers Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton will be on this roster for the remainder of the 2023 NFL season.

With Denver finding ways to get the ground game going, the passing offense hasn’t necessarily been explosive but has been efficient.

Sutton has two touchdown catches in the last two games and six total on the season. Jeudy hasn’t had much production this season in the role many had anticipated, but internally, the Broncos value him and expect him to see more looks in the second-half stretch of the schedule.

For now, the Broncos focus shifts to the Buffalo Bills, but not before players and coaches can get a break during the bye week. Players and coaches will be off this week, but will return back to the team facility on Monday.

“Our guys are all in here today, and we’re meeting on the game and watching film of the game,” Payton said on Monday. “They’ll have a good break here. Everyone will be back on Monday. We’ll have a bonus prep day Tuesday because we’re playing on Monday night. The unusual part of next week for you and everyone will be Wednesday is the day off, which is like a Tuesday, then just do the math going forward. To your question, we looked at who was doing a good job with it. Andy was the one that kind of really told me what he was doing, so I’ve implemented that since.”